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What if Coroner Doesn’t go away


Coroner virus has come and disrupted every aspect of our life. Not long ago I never thought of a time when the rich would be scared. So scared that they pledge their billions to fight the pandemic. Billions have been pledged and donated. Factories have been modified to focus on production medical supplies namely face masks, hand sanitizers and ventilators for extreme cases.

My cousin works for government. He starting making concoctions and taking them the whole day. Anything warm, he says from forums online, can helpful slowing the effects of the virus. He says no one knows whether you have it or not. Some confirmed cases are miled symptoms that you accelerate and descend so fast in depression.

School has been disrupted and its becoming apparent that its possible to work from home and take care of the kids at the same time. Although it may seem unnatural form of life, based on what we are used to, but we will adapt to the new way of life.

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If the virus decides to stick. It may seem like a normal flu but the psychological effect is immense when the reality dawn. Its a flu that takes away peoples lives.

Businesses will have to shift online and digital marketing will be king. The only way to reach consumers will be through ecommerce. The next billion dollar industry will likely to be online market store and delivery and logistics start ups.

Already bolt has started delivery business after covid-19 insisted there is no interaction. Glovo, uber, little and copia will thrive, if coroner decides to stick.

Politicians will shift their focus to solving more pressing societal challenges. Coroner presence has eliminated political rallies which leaves politicians with a hard nut to crack when their terms come to an end. 2020 is proving a defining year for many sectors in the world.

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