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What happens after coronavirus


The world health organisational admitted that it’s possible covid-19 is here to stay with us. Probably lockdown won’t be the feasible anymore, as economies continue to feel the pinch, populations will likely resort to taking risks to get out and put something on the table.

The old normal is gone, hail the new normal. We will see increased easing of restrictions in the coming weeks. But are you ready to adapt? How will business respond to the new information about the possibility of devising means of doing business with coronavirus still not vanguished.

Work from home

Both employers and employees would have to accept that 9 to 5 will be history. People will have to login to their work stations from remote locations. The faster businesses adapt the better. Although this novel form of working come with it’s own set of challenges, more materials on how to deal with those challenges are still coming up. For instance how do you make sure that you are productive in your job without affecting your family time?

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Home offices

Virtually every sector of economies are now affected. Tenants are likely to favour houses that allow them to have home offices. Designing this new new housing plans is essential to a productive population. We are likely to see more and more people moving towards quieter neighborhoods as people seek to achieve their work related goals.

For Working Parents

Kids can prove to be a distraction while working from home.  I agree that working from home as a parent is a unique challenge. It’s difficult to feel productive when you are working double time caring for your kids, too.

Just as if you were going to an office, it’s critical that parents get some kids free working time to dig in and not get distracted by the needs of your sweet littles. It can be hard (and cause some feelings of guilt) because some people expect parents to be able to do both – but taking care of kids is a job unto itself. So it can be a hard balance when you work from home.

If possible, find help where you can to help you manage working from home and taking care of kids. I’ve heard some families have adjusted their schedules to minimize the costs of childcare (one parent works early hours and the other works later hours).

Other families find ways to work with part-time daycare to make it easier. If that’s not feasible, talk to your employer about ways to manage both. Hopefully, they will work with you to help you feel comfortable and in both work and family life.

Please share your work from home parent tips in the comments!

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