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These side hustles can be main hustle in case of jobloss


When I lost my job, I really thought it was easy to get a job. See, when you have a job, it may never cross your mind that jobs end. It may cross your mind that you may need another job.

But here is a trick that might work form you, start a side hustle, right now when your are employed. That side hustle is likely to be your main hustle in case you lose your current job

Here are things you can do to get going

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Drive for money

This is something you can start doing while you are employed. Do it on weekends and holidays when you have time. It’s fun. You will know your city. Longest routes, shortest rout to places. Who knows, you might find your way into statehouse. As you do these look for other opportunities that dem fit to you,

As you wait to be called for that interview, you need to be doing something. I have friends in hailing taxi business and they quickly initiated me into this before I got distress.

Driving can be fun but depending on driving to pay your bills my overstretched you. But as you wait to get that placement, consider applying for psv driving licence and transport people from point a to b and earn.

Little is a Safaricom backed taxi hailing services head quartered Nairobi Kenya. It popular with many corporate from major banks, safaricom itself, media houses and host of other companies.

Why should you consider little as you preferred partner?

Many advantages
You can withdraw your funds for a very small fee in case of emergencies.

You can create a savings account and every time you get a corporate ride, savings are deducted as per your instructions. Don’t worry you can withdraw your savings anytime

Little offer its loyal driver small loans during emergencies. If you ever been a driver, you are well aware that accidents happens, some which may not be covered by insurance. Small loan from little may go a long way in getting you out of trouble.

There are others which work well but don’t have those advantages arc little. Consider Estonian owned BOLT of US based UBER.

Do freelance writing gigs

There hundreds of companies offering freelance gigs you could consider. There lots of them. You can do article writing, academic writing -I have done both-

Academic writing

It’s good form of generating income. What you do here is you write essays, application essays for students and busy executives who do not have to time to write. It amazing how internet has made the world a global village.

Article writing

You see, more people are looking for information before making buying decisions. Millions of websites are there to offer this information to consumers. It’s clearly a problem your can solve, right? Here is how you come in.

Everyday billions of people need content written for their websites. So you can decide. Write for someone and get paid, or start your own blog, write and earn from providing people with information. You can look at may to monetize your content. What is written here is what I actively do to get going.

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