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BBI is Just A Document about Politicians Not Kenyans


May 2018, the president of the republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta through a gazette notice No. 5154 appointed the Building Bridges Initiative advisory task force to look into the challenges facing Kenya.

What is evident is BBI is a by product of the challenges of 2018 election outcomes. Note that the taskforce came into being after disputed elections which were nullified by the supreme instructing a repeat of the election in which the opposition outfit NASA refused to take part.

BBI is a by product of the challenges of 2018 election outcomes

And then the handshake in which president Kenyatta and Raila Odinga agreed to work together for a cohesive nation.

BBI proved to be divisive after a section of the ruling party Jubilee allied to the deputy president opposed the nature in which the BBI taskforce had taken up the mandate. It seemed to be headed to a political rivalry similar to constitutional change that begat ODM.

BBI is about political class

Why should those in position of influence be passionate about taskforces that seeks to favour them whilst their core mandate should be to represent the views of 45 million Kenyans who cannot all represent themselves in parliament.

BBI proposes formation of leadership structure that is friendly to both loosers and winners of elections. As much as its a soul soothing to perennial loosers, there is nothing concrete and interesting to common citizen.

Higher percentage of Kenyans are peasants who have to go to their farms or jobs to put food on the table. Its ironical to note that even those in elective posts seek to secure their future through formation of layers of leadership to keep them in power after term limits bar them.

Political Should think about others not themselves

Kenyan voter should be at a tipping point at the moment. There is a rising population of youthful citizens who would think about politics differently.

There is a feeling of reduced desire to engage in voting exercise. When the ideology of one migunamiguna is taken up by those who feel mistreated by the regime, we are likely to see a revolution similar to what is famously known as Arab spring.