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10 Android Apps to get Personal Loans


Are you looking for personal loan or business loan to expand your side hustle? Here are ten mobile apps that might just right for that.

However, consider creating a saving culture instead of personal loan. You become a slave of the lender when you take loans.


Owned by tala. Its the most popular around town and bigger percentage of population in Kenya borrow from this app. They are very good at giving you more money as you repay.

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The challenge with this app is that, like many other unregulated mobile loan apps, they charge high interests. No collateral needed.


Branch is a direct competition to tala but they aren’t as efficient as tala in growing your loan limit. You don’t need to have a bank account to get a personal loan from them.

Like tala, no collateral needed to get a personal loan. Repayment usually is one month.


They give you first loan interest free. After repaying, they charge interest that extremely high. They rely on your mpesa transactions to decide whether to give you a loan or not.

Eazzy banking app

Owned by equity bank. You need an equity bank account to operate this. Good thing is you can open an account without visiting the branch.

Their interest is manageable. Very affordable but their loan limit grows either way depending on whether you transact with their account.

Pesa Pap

Owned by family bank. You need to have operated an account with them for some time. They can give you a quick personal loan depending on how you transact with the account.

The interest is friendly and you repay the loan within one month. Having these guys list you on CRB means you may not get a loan else where until you clear their loan


Everyone with mpesa uses mshwari. The bank behind it is ncba, formerly, CBA before merging with nic bank. They take forever before ground ng you borrowing limit even of you promptly repay your loans.


As the name suggests, the facility is provided based on mpesa. The underlying bank is KCB bank. They are as good as the other banks.

Interest rate is friends unlike mshwari and the loans are prompt into you mpesa


I have never borrowed here but it is owned by Barclay’s bank Kenya. They are changing their name to absa bank PLC very soon.

Just like the bank owned apps, you need an account with them and operate it to qualify for a loan. But they have this bureaucracy that sucks. Try it and let me know how it is.

Whizz loan app

Owned by HFC bank. Has a fancy name though. You don’t need an account to use the app. You open one on the app. The challenge is they want you to visit the branch in case you have challenge.

st time is used it, it failed sitting error in password. I deleted it. Its an effective saving tool though. I like the layout and they way the app is structured.


Okash, opesa, okolea, mkopa cash (changed their name to zash) and the likes. I group them as Shylocks and you should reconsider before going to them.

They should be the last resort. They give you small, very small loans, you repay with very high interest rates and within a very short period.

They are stressful just avoid. Any app that provides small personal loans within very small period of time with exorbitant interests is a Shylock.

They insist on having acccess to your contact list

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