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Correctional officers Prison Wardens need Support


Correctional officers play an important role in ensuring that prison institutions function properly. The officers work directly with the incarcerated population and are responsible for the convicted prisoners.

The complexities of their job is evident in the specificities of the institution of control, surveillance and the stigma that relates to their responsibilities.

This brings the need for the correctional officers to work in teams, to demonstrate self-control and to have the capacity to negotiate adverse situations.

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The professionals maintain safety in prison and are constantly exposed to situations that produce aggression and threats. Their work environment subjects them to risk of death, constant pressure and with very minimal level of social recognition and visibility.

Correctional officers are expected to do their jobs by always remaining impersonal and to control their emotions. This brings the need for proper training and emotional and psychological support both for the officers as individuals and as employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Their training vary in different facilities and in different areas of jurisdiction. Also, this depends on nature of the facilities, socio-economic conditions of the region and the legislated power given.

The training may be provided by external agencies or within the facility with a supervisor instructor.

The officers get emotional and psychological support from their families who play a significant role in keeping the minds of the officers focused.

Also, correctional counsellors work with remand and prison officers to plan education and training programs that help in improving their job skills and to provide them with the much needed psychological and emotional support.

Also, the Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) Pathway Initiative and other agencies work together to share expertise aimed at emotionally and psychologically supporting offenders and correctional officers.

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