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How do we find cheerfulness in the midst of adversity

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Its uncommon to find anyone living on this earth without challenges that seem to drain the hell out of people. Things will likely get worse though. World recession, job loss and post covid-19 mental health issues we have to face.

Adversities come in many forms. Job loss, pandemics that limit economic activities, illnesses, lack of basic necessities food water and shelters which may leave in immense emotional anguish. How you find strength to soldier on is an important aspect of survival as a being.

For instance, when the world faces a global pandemic such as covid 19, we tend to be psychologically and emotionally straint. We become uncertain of tomorrow. We become depressed when we encounter a simple symptom like coughing.

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Many of us start wondering whether we are going to die. The virus has been fatal in some cases especially to some of us with underlying health complications.

A higher percentage of people with confirmed coronavirus overcame the virus.

Looking at the statistics, coronervirus related deaths are alarming. It is alarming when one person dies, Or two or three. It depends on how you choose to look at it. That’s bad.

But the good news is that a high number of confirmed cases end up recovering from the virus. That should give you hope today as you face the possibility of contracting the virus. You won’t die.

Teaches us to go back to the basics of life

Covid 19 pandemic has taken the entire global to simple basics of life like hand washing, covering you face your face when out in the public, making sure that your neighbor is safe.

We do everything to avoid contracting the virus or avoid spreading the virus to our friends and family. I had not seen people so careful about their families and friends in a long time. No one wants to expose anyone to this flu that has threatened the very existence of mankind.

Even the rich and the mighty can be subdued in Adversity

We live in a segmented society that had created these huge social barriers creating an impression that some of the members of our society mighty actually live longer. It does not matter your type or job being a royal marine or village beggar, the virus put every one on the same scale.

Adversity facing the world today prove that nobody is immune even those in position of power. When British premier Boris Johnson was diagnosed positive for covid-19, it became apparent that adversity does not respect anyone.

As you may be aware, most viruses that we have in the world today do not have treatment. It’s a case of managing the symptoms as the body fights to recover from the attack.

First world countries are hit perhaps the same way third world countries are hit. Nations with better and stronger health systems are stretched. Be positive as you wake up and know that you are alive.

This is a season for covid-19, it will pass. Even when the world didn’t face a pandemic human kind started wars to always be I distress. Its time to be positive and know that tomorrow is going to be a better day.

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