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Launch Your Side Business Now, Stop Giving these 6 Excuses

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A side hustle should keep you going. It is the motivation that keeps you doing whatever you do. I started my blog while I was employed as assistant accountant at microfinance firm. Then I moved to work in a bank then I left the bank to work full time for my side business.

I saw enormous potential generating through writing gigs. Then after a month, I realized I wasn’t doing enough. I almost quit. But I didn’t because I had not found a stable job to keep my family comfortable. I kept pressing on. Here are six useless excuses people give for failing to for not setting up side hustles

I am employed and I really don’t have enough time.

No one has time. No one can keep time and no one can stop time. There is always no time and there is always time to do anything. If it is important to you, then you will create time. So there is time.

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I don’t have capital to put into the side business

Money will never be enough. So no one has money and every one has money. There is no reason for money to stop you from starting what could be a start-up of the century. The best capital you need is sacrifice and determination to make it through. You can stop spending $100 a day on your lunch and save towards making your side hustle a success. If it’s a website like mine, you only need $50 to get started. Capital is never an excuse.

I have seen people fail I might fail terribly

There is only one thing that successful people did and distinguish themselves from the rest. They failed and never stayed there. They stood up after falling, dusted themselves and tried again. It is better to try and fail that no to try. Reality check; the truth is that you’ll fail and you wont be the first to fail, neither would you be the last. So stop telling yourself you will fail.

My idea isn’t that unique. Every one is doing the same thing.

Well I agree. Perhaps what you have in mind is in the minds of others. But that does not mean you have the same way of executing the idea. When Harry Markowitz was writing is portfolio theory thesis he didn’t know that someone else was on the same topic. Actually there was someone. The reason markowtz is known in the field is because of consistency. Theo other guy faded.

I’m not sure I can do it

Feed yourself positive thoughts (aka positive vibes) about your idea. If you ever thought that it could be successful then it will be successful. Try to focus on the positive side. The truth is you might not be able to do it. But you cannot be sure of that if you don’t try. Stand up take a deep breath and set up the side hustle.

The time isn’t ripe yet. I will do this next year

That a cute phrase used to describe procrastination. My wife is an expert in this. You want to call someone and know how they are doing and you say ” I am going to do it over lunch time” She sometimes does it when she remembers but in most cases she gets too busy. You can do it now. Stop being lazy and too complacent and too comfortable. You got to get yourself dirty to get things moving.

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