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Should I quit employment and start driving uber?


No. Stop thinking about that and think something else like buying staff and selling for profit.. At least not in Kenya. You will be frustrated because its not as lucrative as employed people say it is. Most employed youth have a feeling that taxi pays more and they should jump ship whereas online taxi drivers are actively applying for placements.

Everyone in employment today wants to have a side hustle and the easiest to run is hailing taxi business. Correction! The hardest side hustle to manage in Kenya today is hailing taxi business. Its overcrowded, over-hyped and overrated. You better try drop shipping. Or buy a motorbike.

If you have a small car and you don’t have anything to do, then drive the car yourself. It makes more sense since the income you get is all yours. The income is minimal, its can only sustain 1 person not more.

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