You probably have thought about retire after employment employment excitement subsides. Let me answer that straight away. Now. I mean you should retire early now.  See, given that you asked that question means that you thought or are thinking about it and its wise thing to do. This means you are above 30 years because most 20 somethings don’t think of retiring.

Retire is a term mostly associated with aging. And that is okay. That’s a wrong perception about retirement though. I like to associate retiring with having lived your own life without any of pressure. I agree there is never a situation like absolute freedom, there is more freedom to do fun stuff other than being employed. Below are some of the benefits of early retirement.

You get to live your life. You have been living someone’s else dream and you need to start living your own.

You give someone younger a job.

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Younger people inject new ideas, new ways of doing things. I went for police clearance this week.  I was dumb founded by the queues.

Police in Kenya still use ink to take finger prints. Common. Even banks these days use biometrics. It shouldn’t be tedious as such to take people finger prints. There are thousands of other gadgets that can be used to do the job. I blame this on the old folks still working at the DCI. They thrive when status quos remain.

You shouldn’t work your entire life. You need to live since you have been working long enough. Although it should be that work is life but clearly that doesn’t happen.

In cases where individuals find it somewhat difficult to distinguish between their normal lives and their work, then they enjoy what they do. It becomes part of their life and this happens a lot with people who are at their best with their talents

Employers are in their <40’s and they are having fun while you are working to keep them afloat. I read some where that C students have a lot of money and they employ A students to take care of it. 

While A students toiled with books to get that degree, C students hard started working and learning the tenets of life. They know what to do and by the time the A students finishes school. Then they employ them.

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