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Your Self Esteem may Define Happiness and Confidence


First it is vital to know that self esteem matters. It is a crucial state of mind that creates space for happiness and well-being. Neglecting self esteem affects your relationship with your own self and with the wider world.

Do you know that high self esteem is a characteristic of successful, emotionally fulfilled and courageous people? To have self esteem, is knowing that you are worth the best and trying your hardest to acquire it. It is the belief in yourself that keeps pushing, against naysayers and their walls.

Feeling good in your skin, is having the confidence and positive mindset to act on your life goals with determination and belief in your ability to achieve them. It is to know that barriers can be climbed in order to attract the abundance and opportunities that you deserve and the confidence to interact with others in position of power in order to improve your overall quality of life.

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Your self esteem foundations are most likely to be undeveloped, demolished or strongly stable from the relationship you have with others. In any case, the maintenance of self esteem is often overlooked by most people, its uses taken for granted and its development delayed. Life is high voltage and we are subject to currents of shock and joy. Our self esteem is like a battery, at best life’s joys have charged our self esteem to the max and we are a positive and energized individual who can fully harness our true potential.

At worst time like this, during a pandemic, we will be flat and in need of recharging. The negative charge happens when life ’s shocks have lowered down our self esteem, in which case we will have a flattened heart. Left uncharged by life’s joys, we will feel terrible about ourselves and feel suppressed, oftentimes depressed and in fear of loneliness.

What are the signs of low self esteem?

Trademark signs of low self esteem include a string of thoughts and feelings that have crossed atleast everyone’s mind at some point in life.  These include self doubt, negativity, incapability, discomfort, procrastination, frustration, fear, anger, unhappiness and shyness.

The cause of low self esteem is the constant repetition and internalization of these thoughts, feelings and false beliefs: “I do not believe I can achieve this goal so won’t even try it . ” “Nothing I do seems to go right. ” “ I believe that most people do not like me . ” “ I am not attractive. ” “ I wonder what is wrong with me . ” “ If I choose something it will turn out to be the wrong choice. ” “ I am afraid to converse with others, I fear that my words won’t make sense . ” I often prefer to these as ruminating on negative thoughts which actually do not add any value to you.

Instead of addressing our self image issues, we often prefer to look for unhealthy methods to cover them up and distract ourselves from unpleasant feelings of inferiority. However, suffering shouldn’t be hidden, our inner pain shouldn ’t be ignored and band aids are not effective in dealing with our deeper scars.

Don’t repress your chances for success and happiness, you really can make a big leap forward in a short space of time and greatly improve your self esteem. Doing this requires no more effort than asking yourself a few questions along with a willingness to shift from your usual way of thinking to a new ways of thinking and bringing in new positive routines.

That’s it. If you find this piece useful and have some contributions to or any form of feedback, do not hesitate. Just comment below or you can mail so that I know you are reading. Until next time, ciao!

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