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Check these 19 ways to boost your self esteem


Building a better you should be at the fore front of you daily habits. Boosting your personal growth and self esteem is vital in making you successful as an individual. Here a mixture of curated content for you improve you self esteem .

1. Play to your strengths.

We often hide the beauty of our creative souls behind walls we build to protect ourselves. The truth is, in this life, there is nowhere to hide for too long from others or from ourselves. Knowing your strengths will keep your critical inner voice at bay in situations that your self esteem can’t handle. Be honest and ask yourself “ Who am I?”, What is unique and special about me? ”, “ What names can I use to describe myself (girlfriend, dad, friend, artist, hairdresser, etc.)? ” Then, list your strengths, victories and skills. Low self esteem is linked to our negative self perception; we believe ourselves lacking in security or prosperity especially in areas such as our physical appearance, finances, education and career. Regularly reaffirm that you are experienced and knowledgeable in these areas and find at least one aspect of your life that is a source of pride and joy and explore it as much as possible. As you explore these questions, you connect with your core self, and this is where your real strength lies.

2.  Lay down your burdens

So often we dwell on our weaknesses and worries until they seem larger than life and begin to dominate our thoughts and emotions. Spend a few minutes every day writing down your worries and negative thoughts, then close the book and consciously push the negativity to the back of your mind. Concerns that appear so large in your imagination lose their power on paper. Amazingly, after writing them down the anxieties begin to fade.

3. Be true to yourself

Too often we experience failure because we let others choose our goals for us whether it is society, our parents, partners, friends or teachers. So don’t set goals based on others expectations but rather on what you want to do, what you enjoy doing and what you dream about doing. Following someone else’s dreams rather than your own is setting yourself up for failure which is a sure fire way to diminish self esteem, moreover, you could end up trapped in this cycle of failure and deceit.

4. Take risks Explore the unknown.

Take up a new hobby, learn a new skill, read challenging books or engage in a new physical challenge. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and not being good enough, simply stepping outside your comfort zone is a success in itself, as and every new piece of knowledge gained is a victory which will bolster your self esteem. Even when the end result isn ’t as successful as you hoped, don’t overlook how much courage it took to try it and instead looked at what you gained and learned from the experience. Remember trying and failing puts you ahead of the person who didn ’t try at all .

5. Become a positive person

Think and speak positively. If you hear a compliment or positive statement about someone you know pass that compliment onto them. Concentrate on speaking positively of others as well as yourself. The more you concentrate your energy on positive reinforcement to yourself and to others, the more you will increase your confidence, self respect and self worth.

6. Discount the negative

Positive feeds positive and negative breeds negative. Too often, negative perceptions of ourselves can be attributed to outside influences so it is a smart move to hang out with supportive people that make us feel good rather than people that make us feel weak or knock our confidence. Don’t accept negative messages from people that say you are not good enough, instead tell yourself that you are capable of doing anything you want just as well if not better than others.

7.  Decide

You are not required to live by “ I have to ” or “ I must”, remember everything you do is a result of decisions and choices you made. You always have a choice: to persist or give up, to learn or not study, to practice positive self talk or self sabotage – what you choose controls your present and future. Wise and confident people are not so by luck, they are so because they have made smart choices that support growth of their self esteem. Once you realize and accept this, you will be able to embody everything you always wanted to be.

8. Self love

When low self esteem shows up, it’s often in the form of negative feelings and emotions. Self love is believing that you are capable and worthy of love and success. Use positive affirmations to change the way you feel about yourself: “ I am lovable”, “ I am capable” and so on. Don’t give energy and power to your negative voice, remember you have a choice to opt for self love instead of self loathing at any given moment. Be your own best friend. Write on a piece of paper the things you like and dislike about yourself and develop a plan to move those negatives over to the positive side. Likewise, take a look at your positives and make sure those positive qualities stay and continue to develop. As you work out a plan, try to find people who share the same goals as you. These are people that will make helpful friends or mentors to inspire you and help you stay on your chosen path.

9. Confirm

gag using your list of positives, talk to yourself to reinforce the positive qualities of your personality. “ I am successful, I am attractive, I am self confident! ” and so on. Every positive thought should be repeated often since you are what you think! Negative mind chatter is an unwanted parasite that makes you doubt your capability and it slows you down until you stop doing.

10. Do not sleep to evade problems

Sleeping is a means of recuperation so you awaken with renewed energy, ready to cope with life’s challenges more easily. However, many of us numb our pain with ‘chronic sleeping’ which is an evasion strategy to avoid facing the cause of our problems and challenges. Sleeping time away is not really escaping our problems, they will simply remain unaddressed, unsolved and often building up as time passes by. This ‘ sleepwalking’ state is often a mask that covers us feeling unlovable, not good enough, ultimately, it is the result of low self esteem.

11. Forgive

Forgive yourself, messing up happens to all. Give – Give yourself a break, moving on helps us all grow.

12. Take

Take a moment, live in the present, rewriting the past is no good for any of us .

13.  Be thankful

Gratitude goes a long way . Give thanks to the universe for the love and peace that is yours. Swap toxic emotions for compassion.

14. Anger

hate and revenge against stone hearts are only for sad lives. Stay on the bright side.

15. Let go of toxic communication

Unhealthy communication is uncontrolled anger resulting in screaming, abusive language and making unfair and cruel remarks to others. Trying to gain the upper hand by dominating another person is often a consequence of feeling uncomfortable in social situations or a fear of being controlled yourself by someone else. Lack of assertiveness and avoiding making decisions is another type of unhealthy communication. Let it go!

16.  Let go of toxic substances like alcohol

Damaged self esteem is the underlying cause of many addictions and can often be linked to alcohol and drug dependency which is essentially a way of drowning and escaping haunting insecurities, rather than addressing their origins. People who have experienced stressful events condition themselves to an induced state of amnesia for relief. These reactions end up becoming a vicious circle where people become trapped between the aggravation of growing challenges and the destruction of self esteem.

17.  Celebrate others

To help others is giving back to earth what the earth gives you. Plant seeds of love, respect and joy and water them regularly. If you want love, give love. If you want respect, give respect. If you want joy, give joy. The higher volume of seeds you plant, the greater the harvest of your self esteem and by planting and watering your seeds, you are watering the dry land of others

18. Celebrate you

Here is a recipe for disaster: Start by comparing yourself to other people. Then add all the things other people have accomplished that you have not and count the things they have that you don’t have.

19. Finally, mix it with the things they do that you wish you could do.

Remember, everyone else also looks better than you, so the finished recipe will be far from perfect. Here is a master chef recipe : Start by focusing less on others achievements and instead savor your own. Add vast amounts of determination and everything you have in life to be grateful for, leave out what you don’t have, it is not a vital ingredient.
To aid digestion pour in all that makes you unique and celebrate the taste of all that is good in this life. The finished result will see your self esteem prosper. “ Why should we worry about what others think of us, do we have more confidence in their opinions than we do our own ? ”

Take small steps Many small victories are better than striving for one big unattainable one. Focusing on small successes will quickly bring an overall feeling of competence and confidence that lead to more. Pat yourself on the back every time you move one step at a time in a positive direction, this is how you build long lasting self esteem.

And finally… It’s time to stop thinking that the world is closing in on you and to accept the fact that other people aren’t responsible for your misfortunes. From this moment on, begin the process of improving your self esteem and take control of your life. Remember, change does not always come easily and that is why dedication is its counterpart. Commit to it with a full heart and the results will come.


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