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Side Gigs: Key to Personal Financial Growth

Side gigs, side hustle

If you’re looking to make some extra money, or save more of what you already have, then side gigs are your answer. Side hustles are a way to increase how much money you make without having to take on the responsibility of a full time job. They may also help with personal growth and emotional fulfilment–the two things that will give your life meaning! In this blog post we’ll talk about why side hustles are so important for financial success and how they can change your life in unexpected ways!


-Helping you learn new skills that can be used in your career–or even outside of it!

-Paying off debt or saving for a better future

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-Creating more time to spend with friends and family or on personal hobbies

-Giving you something new to be passionate about that can help motivate your days!


Side hustles are awesome because they allow you the flexibility of making money when it’s convenient–but there are some pitfalls too.

The risk of becoming too reliant on the income from your side gigs–or not having enough time for it. This can make it difficult to pay off debt or save up!

Not being able to get a full time job because you’ve been doing so many different jobs at once. You’ll find yourself working all the hours in the day which can make it difficult to have a personal life outside of work.

Side gigs are tough–especially if you’re doing one on top of another! It’s not always easy, and there is no guarantee that you will be successful in what you do or make enough money. But the benefits outweigh these pitfalls so try out side gigs to see what helps you the most!

A Few Additional Side Hustles in Kenya 2021:

Here are a few ideas for those who want some extra money or more time in their day.

-Freelance work with your skills (web design, graphic design, etc) and sell it online on sites like Etsy where there’s a steady demand for it.

-Sell your artwork on websites like Etsy, or take a few pieces to local shops and see if they’ll be interested in carrying them!

-Create an online course by doing something you’re good at–whether that’s baking, photography, driving lessons, coding tutorials–whatever you love to do.

Do some pet sitting or dog walking, which can be a great way to make money in the summer when you’re not working!

-Offer your hair styling services at home for an extra fee. You’ll need space and tools–but it’s worth it for someone who needs their locks looking good on a budget!

-Offer a tour of your city for locals or tourists. Tourists will likely be looking to explore any part of the city they can, and might pay well if you offer them something different!

-Start up an online store with items that are in high demand–like clothing, electronics, food products.

-Turn anything into a business! If you enjoy cooking, create a food blog and then sell your recipes on things like Etsy.

-If you love animals, try pet sitting or dog walking–or even offer doggy daycare at home to people who want their pets cared for while they’re away from the house all day long!

-Offer your services as a graphic designer, translator, children’s party entertainer or anything you can think of!

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