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17 Online Side hustles. 6th is the best!

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Freelance work is a huge part of the economy. There are more freelancers than there ever have been before and they all need to find ways to make money on their own time. What’s one way? Starting your own Online Side hustle, that’s what! Here are some ideas for Online Side hustles you to explore if you’re looking for something new or just want an extra boost of cash in your pocket each month.

# 17. Blogging

Why? Because now is the best time to start a business that requires very little capital, good ideas and the Internet gives you both. An idea can be started for less than $ 100 in many cases and still produce hundreds of dollars every month (depending on your niche, traffic, etc.).

I have no doubt that even if it’s not a full-time job or money maker for you at first, blogging will pay off eventually. You never know what kind of opportunities might come out of it. The income I earn from my blog has allowed me to explore other interests such as building an online store in order to sell some things I like and even travel outside my country without worrying about how much money I saved.

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The only thing I have to clarify is that blogging as a business is not just about writing. If you are really passionate about your subject and want to share valuable information with people, then this could be the best side hustle for you. Otherwise, it might not be worth your time if you don’t plan on working on your blog full-time or at least most of the hours in which you are online.

You get paid …: for each post that generates traffic, ads (in case you do affiliate marketing) and sponsorships (if someone wants to invest in promoting their product/service through your blog). This depends mainly on how much traffic your site gets from search results or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

# 16. Trading/Investing

Why? Because of the high volatility rate. Do not be afraid because you don’t need to spend much money to get started. Although it’s a very competitive market so you have to be smart about what you do. Get excited when things go right, put your head down and keep on going when things go wrong. A losing trade can become a winning trade if you are patient enough.

# 15. Affiliate Marketing

It takes time to build a profitable affiliate marketing business (as with any other business for that matter). You already know what niche products or services make money online and now it is just a question of creating content promoting them.

# 14. Side hustles for computer geeks / nerds

If you are one of those people who likes to be online or have a hobby involving computers, then this is the type of side hustle I would recommend because there will always be someone who needs your services and trusts that you can provide them with what they need.

# 13. eBay Arbitrage

This means buying items in physical stores with a lower price than on the Internet and selling them at a higher price by using platforms like eBay. You can make money even if it does not sell all the merchandise as long as your profit margin is high enough when you sell it online.

The main reason why I included this method here is because anyone can start doing it: no investment needed. I have a cousin doing this. For example, if you want to start this side hustle you have just to go to your local grocery store and find out what is the cheapest item there that is sold online for a higher price. You buy it and sell it on eBay with a small profit margin (or maybe even make money on it).

# 12. Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Let’s face it: bloggers are good at writing online but they often lack skills in other areas such as photography or creating original content that not only generates income but also builds their personal brand. If you are very good at something, then why not offer your services through an affiliate marketing program? **Note** To be eligible for this one you must be either/both a blogger and a good content creator (with an audience)

# 11. Copywriting among popular online side hustles

It only requires time and you can earn money writing for others if you are very good at it. As with any other business, copywriters often get into this field because they know how to do it well and then the idea is to charge for their services.

# 10. E-Commerce Sites

There are several platforms out there that allow you to create your own store online: selling anything you like without having to buy inventory upfront or hire employees! The most used platform around the world is called Shopify , but depending on your needs there might be different options for you. For example, Big Commerce also has similar features but gives preference to business owners who need to be able to integrate their own website with the shopping cart. This is a very competitive market so take some time to study your options first.

# 9. Start An Online Publication 

If you have been writing for years, or you are passionate about something, then starting an online publication on that topic might be the right decision for you if you want to earn money doing it. For example, I have been writing for several years in different websites and blogs even though my blog generates more than 95% of my online income because I enjoy it and when this happens there is nothing better than having people paying you for doing what you love!

# 8. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Why? This is a valid option if you know English very well and have experience teaching it. You can specialize in different areas depending on what country or region you decide to advertise your services because they might need someone who specifically knows how to teach German grammar, Spanish pronunciation or even literature studies.

# 7. Amazon Referral Program

Why? If you already shop online then why not earn an extra income referring your favorite products from their affiliate program? You can only refer products that you have bought with your own money so this means you will truly recommend them and get a commission when people buy thanks to the link(s) you provided (usually within your blog posts). It is important to clarify that this way of making money is usually done via product links (for example, in a blog post) and not product reviews where you might get paid per views or clicks.

# 6. Freelance Writing on Medium (or similar platforms)

It’s time to say goodbye to all of those AdWords campaigns that are costing you money rather than generating real traffic! Nowadays there are several opportunities online for writers who want to make money by writing content without having to persuade people to click on an advert, which is why I included it here.

There are different platforms out there but my favorite one is called Medium because they have very strict quality standards and it is also easier for your readers to read the articles with less scrolling, but whenever you publish anything online always be aware of your competition and try to think about what makes you stand out. To give you some perspective, this platform alone has more than 100 million unique readers per month!

# 5. Sell on Tictail

Tictail is a very cool marketplace where crafty people can sell their handmade products in an online store with beautiful templates and relatively low fees… without having to worry about logistics or customer service! If you have ever thought that maybe everyone else already sold the same idea as yours but prettier (aka on Etsy), then I have good news for you: not everybody does it this way so there is room for creativity here, they even offer support for artists who need help selling their wares online!

The bad part is that you do not earn money directly from the products you sell because Tictail only takes a commission, but if your store is made in such a way that people buy more than one item then it can potentially lead to higher income!

# 4. Sell custom designs on Spreadshirt

This website is very similar to Tictail where they also have a marketplace for selling customizable t-shirts and other stuff. You could think this service might be too niche market for you to earn money with but the truth is that there are millions of people who search for customized designs every day looking for things like gifts or just cool t-shirt designs! If you are into arts & crafts then this platform might be right up your alley. 

# 3. Create an online course

This is probably one of the most popular ways to earn money online which is why I included it here. This platform has been around for more than 15 years but was only available in English until 2015 when they launched their foreign language version! Lynda.com offers paid courses about everything from how to understand your business’s finances to mastering the new features of Adobe’s Creative Cloud software, besides including some free content and educational videos; you can even listen to podcasts while you are at work!

# 2. Join a freelance marketplace

There are several marketplaces for freelancers that connect people with different skillsets (programmers, graphic designers, writers…) so if you do not have JavaScript experience then it might be easier or cheaper for you to find a programming job online instead of hiring someone! This is a good place to start if you have no idea about how much you can earn for your services and what it is like on the other side.

# 1. Sell photos on Shutterstock

I am sure there are people who made thousands of dollars selling their photos but chances are that these individuals already had some type of experience with photography, which might not be the case for all aspiring photographers out there (which applies to everyone!). Shutterstock is different from Fotolia where you usually have to sign exclusive contracts with them in order to get better rates, this site gives you more rights over your work and they also include free stock photos under certain criteria which makes it one of my favorite websites for beginners.

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