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We all aspire to have that side hustle like uber business that brings us cash even we are not there physically to monitor it. Having a taxi running by the side is one such great idea. With the popularity of online taxi services (uber business), it can be easy to sit at home or on your workstation and watch how your business is doing.

What is Uber?

Uber is an online mobile application allowing users to connect with a specific set of drivers via a private car. This app also connects travelers with drivers. The application provides the ability to select the driver closest to the location. Uber is a freelance business model with tremendous growth. There is no company that operates it, but it runs a community of drivers websites using personal cars. In Kenya Uber is classified as Public Service and therefore you may be required to meet certain conditions prescribed by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)

Uber Business Kenya offers taxi service to a range of cities including Nairobi. These businesses have very high demand in Kenya due to Covid Pandemic creating an unwelcome environment for taxis which are socially distant, unlike public methods. Uber Business Idea has a very good business idea that you can easily build a profitable operation in Kenya. What does Uber earn in Kenya? Well the uber owner is making KSh 3,200 a day depending on the driving habits and driver behaviour throughout the night. Tell us about the Uber business in Kenya:

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Uber Kenya car requirements

For Uber drivers in Kenya, it is required that you be at least 21 and hold a driver’s license. You will require a good vehicle with a valid registration. Uber cars require a working frontview mirror, seat belts for all passengers, seats, working speedometers and odometers.

However, it’s not as lucrative as it sounds having uber bringing you that extra income that you yearn for. A former colleague where I worked had 3 taxis operating in Nairobi. I called him few weeks ago and he informed me that he sold all the three. I asked why and he said it’s not as lucrative as it used to be.

You should get into this kind of business only if you want to create a side business. Run it yourself and don’t incur loans for its sake. The business is still undergoing a cycle with abnormal profits. Its still not possible to guarantee specific incomes.

How do I get a car for uber driving?

Getting Uber drivers in Kenya is essential to the job. If you plan on taking Uber in Kenya, you will need an automobile in good condition that can meet all of the required requirements.

Start the business. Its good but do not expect it to be an instant cash cow. Income varies from time to time and is heavily dependent on how liquid riders are.

Drive yourself when your are free to do so. Employing drivers is so stressful because they won’t honour your agreement. Life is tough out here.

You cannot leave employment to drive a taxi. You will be doing disservice to your self and your family. Keep it a sidehustle or a hobby and thank me later.

Don’t get a car loan, then put the car on uber and expect it to repay itself. Get a car loan when you have a stable income that will service the loan otherwise your car will be auctioned and that’s a bad experience.

How much does Uber pay in Kenya?

Uber has one particular way of paying its drivers in Kenya. Is it better for businesses to hire drivers for incentives instead of an hourly rate? The company pays its drivers incentives based on an increase in income. Typically multipliers vary depending on the number the driver has made. Uber Kenya pays drivers twice the multiplier fee. This means that drivers who travel 2 times a day earn more than drivers who go 2 times per hour.

How much commission does Uber take in Kenya|?

Commission paid to hailing taxis ranges from 19 to 30% depending on which platform the driver operates. Uber, takes the highest commission from drivers at 29 percent while Little cab takes the least. So if the taxi is going to pay Ksh. 500 receives Ksh. 100 % per ride. Similarly, the driver receives Ksh. 90 to pay for the driving service further Ksh. 10 for Reservation Fee. Please pay in full. Uber Kenya has the highest commission for the services of taxi services in Kenya and globally.

How do I join Uber business in Kenya?

To participate in Uber business in Kenya, you simply must open an Uber account on your phone. If you want Uber to operate in your region, click on Uber Business. You will need to register with Uber Nairobi. On the next page, you’ll need an e-mail address and complete the signing. Once the registration process is complete you can now start an Uber company in Kenya.

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