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4 Ways To Improve Your Finances


How are you doing with your new year goals? Its too early, I know.

Here we acknowledge that getting loans will never take you to the next level in terms of your finances.

Those giving you loans are in business and unless you are using the money for business you’re losing out.

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1. Stop borrowing from mobile lending apps

Mobile lending apps are Shylocks. Shylock business is exhortative in nature and takes advantage of you. You know why their interests are exorbitantly high for a short period of time.

2. Take public means to work

Uber is too expensive unless you pull resources. Pulling resources involves you and your neighbours getting together if you work in the same direction and use a single vehicle. It saves you money.

3. Buy groceries at your local store.

In supermarkets you pay for goodwill. You pay being associated with their name. You don’t bargain at supermarkets. Avoid them and buy groceries local. Its affordable and fresh and you have the power to ask for a discount. It sounds stupid but saves you money.

4. You don’t need that car if its not giving you money

There things you need to dispose from your house. You don’t need them. I’m telling you the truth, its better to have liquid cash in your bank account than have that fuel gazzler in your parking lot. Its takes you probably 5 mins to have money in your pockets if its at the bank than looking for a buyer for your car that you are not using.

When buying stuff, just ask yourself whether you really need them. Its possible you are trying to compete with someone else.

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