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Reasons Why You Should Rent or Buy a House In Kenya

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When you look for a house to buy, think about the reasons why you should rent or buy a house. There have been many different economic situations over the years where it has been easier to either rent or own a house. However, going out of these periods where buying was better, people who had bought houses lost a lot of money. It is not that buying is bad, but right now there are many reasons why you should rent and not buy a house.

Whenever someone talks to you about what they did with their home, there are two options; they either sold it or kept paying for it until the bank finally took it from them. Both of these results are bad options, but you need to avoid that from happening.

Before thinking about buying a house, first consider whether or not it is a good time for you to buy a house right now. Make a list of the reasons why you should rent and not buy a house so you can figure out if this is the best time for you to buy or not.

There are many foreclosures on the market to rent or buy?

The first reason why it is better to rent than to buy right now is because there are so many foreclosures on the market right now. If you can find a foreclosure house that looks good, take one look inside and you will most likely figure out what you are getting into before buying it. These houses have been foreclosed on because they are not in a good condition to live in. When all of the furniture has been taken out, it is just a shell that someone wants to get rid of quickly so they can move on from their money troubles.


Many houses out there are overvalued

Another reason why you should rent and not buy a house right now is because there are many houses on the market that are still above market value, making it hard for people to sell their house. When you rent a home, you will not be stuck with an uninhabitable home that can’t get sold.

It’s hard to get a loan when your income isn’t high enough

If you do want to buy, consider whether or not the bank is willing to give you a loan based on the amount of money you make right now. Many people who want to buy houses are not able to because they can’t get approved for a loan because their income isn’t high enough. If the bank does give you the loan, consider how much you have saved up that will go into the house.

You need to consider all of the various fees involved in buying a house

There are many other fees related to buying a house that you should also take into consideration. These other fees include lawyer fees, appraisal fees, and inspection fees. You will be spending a lot of money to buy the house, but it is all something you need to plan for before moving in.

Renting has many benefits over buying at this time

While renting may have many negative connotations attached to being a renter, there are definitely more positive aspects than negative aspects. The reason why you should rent and not buy a house is because renting definitely has more advantages than buying at the current time.

It is great that there are so many benefits to choosing to rent rather than to buy, but there are people who still want to own their homes so they won’t have to deal with landlords. If you are someone like this, make sure that the home you buy falls into your price range. Not only will it be hard to get a loan if you don’t have enough money saved up, but there’s also the chance that the house may not be worth what you’re paying for it.

Many people who want to take advantage of owning their homes look for opportunities to relax and make themselves feel better about buying a house. However, right now there are more positive aspects of renting instead of buying. Right now, you should not buy a house because of the state of the housing market and the economy.

Once this has changed, consider whether or not it is a good time to buy a house. Take a look at your savings and figure out how much money you have so you can get an idea of how much home you could possibly afford. Only buy when the time is right because it will be hard for many people to afford a house in their price range if they buy too soon.

The benefits of renting outweigh the benefits of buying in this economy, so it is better to rent than to buy at this time. Save your money and wait until the perfect opportunity arises that lets you buy a house when you are willing and ready.



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