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How To Be Great Teacher: 11 Doable Tricks

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Being a great teacher is not an easy task. It requires patience, dedication, and passion in order to be successful. Teaching will always have its challenges- so being able to find joy in the tough moments is important! However, with these tips for on how to be a great teacher you’ll see that teaching can also be one of the most rewarding careers out ther. It’s not just about the money, though that tends to be pretty good too. Teaching can bring you much more than this when done properly and with dedication. So here are some things how to become an amazing teacher!

– Students love teachers who have mastered their subject material so they know what they’re talking about and can explain it to them.

– Students don’t like teachers who are condescending or treat them as if they were inferior, so be encouraging and helpful instead of simply barking out orders at your students.

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– Be patient with your students because not everyone learns the same way you do so try to engage every one of your students and make them feel connected to the lesson.

– When giving a presentation, don’t simply read from your notes or powerpoint slides because it will be boring for you and everyone else as well as if you just give up on things that aren’t working then move onto something new!

– Don’t let the school administration intimidate you by being overly critical or demanding, remember that they are people too who have their own jobs to do.

– If you’re not sure what to do in a situation, ask for help and advice from your fellow educators and administration because they want to see their teachers succeed!

– Your “work” is only half the time spent at school. The other half should be dedicated to grading papers or planning lessons so there’s no rush when you come in to work.

– You should also be available after school or on weekends for your students so they know that there’s always someone willing to help them out if needed, not just when it benefits you.

– If something needs to change at school due to a policy the administration won’t budge on, then take matters into your own hands. Start a petition, get parents involved and make it happen!

– Keep yourself up to date on the latest technology because students are always looking for new ways to learn things that may not be in the curriculum at all times.

Don’t forget these when you’re trying to become an amazing teacher! Teaching is something that requires a lot of dedication and passion, but when done correctly can be extremely rewarding.

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