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Online Job Search. What You Need to Do

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Are you ready to find a new job?

According to an online job search study by Indeed, the top three most-searched jobs in the United States are Customer Service, Retail Sales, and Nursing. There’s never been a better time to find work than now, and there’s never been a better way to do it than online job search. Whether you want to be in customer service or help out at the front desk of your local retail store, starting your search online can make your job hunt easier and faster than ever before. Here’s how to start looking for work today!

Tips to Start Your Online Job Search

Don’t wait until your last day on your current job before starting your online search. Don’t just apply for any old position that comes up, but research companies and think about what opportunities would be interesting to you. Research what skills employers are looking for and tailor your resume accordingly. While searching online, don’t forget about applying for jobs in person too! Networking is always important when it comes to finding employment.

  • How Long Does it Take to Find a New Job?

It really depends on your situation, but no matter what industry you’re in or where you live, there are certain steps that can help make finding a new job easier. To ensure that it doesn’t take forever, follow these tips.

Many of us head straight for Monster, Craigslist, and Indeed when we need to find a new job. While these sites have millions of listings, they don’t necessarily offer many advantages over smaller niche sites that are better optimized for certain jobs and employers. Make sure you get your name out there by submitting your resume on multiple sites—and make sure your spelling and grammar is perfect! One study found that employers spend an average of six seconds scanning resumes—and will pass on yours if there’s even one error.

Target Companies by Industry – Salesforce

If your current employer is struggling, take some time to consider what kind of company might suit you better. Ask yourself questions like, What kind of work do I enjoy? or What industry do I think is growing right now? Once you have an idea in mind, explore your options by searching for companies by industry on Salesforce. You can enter keywords into any one of Salesforce’s search tools and easily sort through potential opportunities with just a few clicks. This can help get your next transition started off on the right foot!

Target Companies by Location – Zillow Group Jobs

Zillow Group is a great resource for finding jobs in your local area. The company’s website lists openings and allows you to search based on location. You can also search through specific categories, such as jobs in sales or jobs in customer service. Many companies only hire applicants who are local, so using Zillow Group Jobs could be a good way to get your foot in the door with businesses near where you live. As an added bonus, there’s currently no charge for using their services.

Build Relationships

Having connections in your industry is often what helps you land your next gig. Start by reaching out to people on LinkedIn or checking out local user groups. You’ll also want to follow companies who interest you on social media, as well as subscribe to their newsletters, so that when there are openings, they will see you are qualified and interested in what they do.

The Ultimate Job Search Checklist

If you’re looking for your next career move, it can be hard to know where to start. As with most things in life, there’s no single way of doing things that’s best for everyone. In fact, some are better than others depending on your needs and preferences. The key is finding a way of doing things that works for you and matches your style as well as your skillset. That’s why we came up with our ultimate checklist to help you navigate your job search:

Jot down what kind of work environment would make you happy: Do you like being outdoors or stuck behind a desk all day? Would working from home bring out your inner introvert or turn you into an extrovert? What does work-life balance mean to you personally—do weekends matter more than nights out on weekdays, or vice versa? By writing down your ideal workplace and its traits, you’ll have a better idea of where to look when it comes time to start sending in applications.

Think about where you can apply for jobs that match your needs: Are there local companies that fit with what you’re looking for? Are there particular career websites or job boards that might be able to help? You never know until you ask. Ask people who’ve worked at those companies for advice: This is one of our favorite pieces of advice for finding a company that fits your style and priorities.

If you already know someone at a company who works in a role similar to what you’re hoping to find, send them an email asking whether they enjoyed their time there, why they chose to leave if they did leave, and how long they think it would take to get promoted if things went well. They may not have time to respond (and we certainly hope they don’t!) but it never hurts to try.

Check out online communities for job search tips: No question about careers is too big or too small! If you need tips on how to answer interview questions, want help navigating tricky office politics, or just want other millennials in your shoes to commiserate with, check out forums devoted entirely to life as a young professional; odds are good that you won’t regret it.


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