How To Identify Scam Jobs in Kenya

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Did you know that cons have used fake jobs in Kenya to swindle unsuspecting Kenyans? You must have seen through major news channels of young people duped in to paying to be enlisted in the disciplined forces or lucrative office jobs. Here are some red flags to help you not loss what you don't have.They come to your Inbox;...

Reasons Why You Should Rent and Not Buy a House In Kenya

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When you look for a house to buy, think about the reasons why you should rent and not buy a house. There have been many different economic situations over the years where it has been easier to either rent or own a house. However, going out of these periods where buying was better, people who had bought houses lost...

How To Be Great Teacher: 11 Doable Tricks

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Being a great teacher is not an easy task. It requires patience, dedication, and passion in order to be successful. Teaching will always have its challenges- so being able to find joy in the tough moments is important! However, with these tips for on how to be a great teacher you'll see that teaching can also be one of...

Make Up Artist: The Job Description and How They Make Money

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If you are interested in becoming a make up artist, reading this blog post will give you an idea of what the job entails and how it can be profitable. Remember this a job that can be duplicated for content creation. I mean make videos of you applying make up the post that on your favourite platform and earn...

Side Hustles and Small Business Ideas

Side hustles and Business ideas 2021

Here are side Hustles and Small Business Ideas to Boost Income While Working. Depending on a single income source has become difficult. it may be viable for not but not sustainable in the long run. As an employed person you need to boost your income to beat the ever rising cost of living in Kenya. Here are some side...

Digital Content Creators how they Make Money

A focused digital content creators applying makeup and recording video make up artist, makeup artist,

The advent of the internet came with lots if opportunities. One of those opportunities is doing tasks online for money or Digital Content Creators. Many companies had or are still having an online presence to be able to reach out more consumers in every part of the world. Because of this, people who want to make a living from...

Figure Out Your Career Path After Layoffs

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If you're just out of college and haven't been able to find a job in the right field, then this blog post is for you. You may be feeling lost when it comes to choosing your career path after being laid off from your last position because of the pandemic. These tips should help guide you through some of...

Develope Soft Skills. 10 Ways to Be Employable

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To develop Soft Skills to find a job is not the easiest task. You need to know your skills, and then make sure that those skills are in demand in today's market. But what if you don't know how to develop soft skills? That can be an even bigger problem! In this blog post, we'll discuss 10 ways that...

7 Soft Skills Every College Graduate Needs

Soft skills help in relating with coworkers. Salary negotiation, salary negotiations

Soft skills will help in getting a job after college is tough. There are so many qualified candidates, and the competition for available vacancies is stiff. If you want to stand out from the crowd and get a job, you're going to need some soft skills. Below we will talk about 7 soft skills that every college graduate needs...

Who is a Social Media Consultant

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The term social media consultant can mean two different things with the first definition being a person or business that helps other businesses to develop and implement their social media marketing strategy.The second definition is for a third party figure who holds no direct ties to an organization but is hired by an individual, usually as an independent...