Who is a Social Media Consultant


The term social media consultant can mean two different things with the first definition being a person or business that helps other businesses to develop and implement their social media marketing strategy. The second definition is for a third party figure who holds no direct ties to an organization but is hired by an individual, usually as an independent...

Side Gigs: Key to Personal Growth & Financial Success


If you're looking to make some extra money, or save more of what you already have, then side gigs are your answer. Side hustles are a way to increase how much money you make without having to take on the responsibility of a full time job. They may also help with personal growth and emotional fulfilment--the two things that...

17 Sidehustles you can do online


Freelance work is a huge part of the economy. There are more freelancers than there ever have been before and they all need to find ways to make money on their own time. What's one way? Starting your own side hustle, that's what! Here are some ideas for you to explore if you're looking for something new or just...

5 Incredible Tips for a Successful Salary Negotiation


Before you even step foot in the interview, there are a few things that you need to know. You should research which salary range is fair for your position and be able to answer questions about why you deserve this rate of pay. This is an important conversation to have with your interviewer, so don't feel discouraged if they...

How to Launch Your sidehustle


Sharing your business ideas with others is essential to see if they are viable. You may have some great ideas, but you don't always know everything about the market and what makes a good product or service. Create a prototype of whatever kind it is that you're working on and then show it to potential consumers when in its...

A Sidehustle for 2021; Make Money as a writer


I know it might not be for everyone but its worth thinking about. Businesses have moved online and to make sure they are visible to customers, content creators are in demand. What is content creation? Content creation entails being creative and it takes various forms. From writing, creating short video clips, graphic designing, creating in for graphics and many...

Jobs are Unrelated to Your Qualifications.


When I left college, I was very good at making applications. Job applications. I applied for dozens of jobs every week with confidence each time knowing a cal for an interview will come. I even applied for people. I applied for my ex and she got the job. I had the energy, I never gave up, each time...

Job Search Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips

thoughtful female freelancer with smartphone surfing internet on laptop in park

Job Search Strategies are mainly of two types – reactive and proactive. The reactive job search strategies for seeking jobs are used by many people in the business. This means that these people search for the job openings that exist and then they apply for those openings that are of interest to them. The resume is sent to the...

5 benefits of choosing a career in criminal justice

group of police on street

Deciding on a career path can be very exciting and overwhelming. One of the in-demand career paths today is a career in the criminal justice system. If you’re interested in having a career in law enforcement or the justice system, getting a criminal justice degree is necessary. A criminal justice career will provide individuals with a wide variety of...

The Period Between 1500 to 1700 in American History

multiethnic thoughtful girls playing chess in modern room

The period between 1500 and 1870 highlights important events as well as social, economic and political trends in the history of women and men of the United States and around the world. The period between 1500 and 1508 that the Indian culture flourished in Florida and the fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus landed on the islands of Jamaica and...