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Tictail Review: Make a Free Online Store and Share Your Stuff With Thousands of People


Please note that tictail has since been acquired and is wholly owned by shopify.

In order to create online stores there are many things that are important to customers. There is a need for communities to exist. The one who searches the web looking for the best new items but shares their online shop with other people who may find it useful. Is there a crowdfunding site that sells products online without crowds? Would you rather build an e-commerce shop with an open-source community that includes the opportunity to discover an upcoming brand? Tailtails are there for us.

Tictail Use ease

This is one of our simplest backend interfaces and includes several steps to launch your store including naming a store and selecting a country. These primary menus are situated in the upper right hand corner of this site, with options on purchases, product promotions, discounts, the mobile store and the marketplace. Initially, the website will give a domain name to Tictail (myshop.tictail.com). You have the option of either transferring to another domain or buying it from a specialized company. It happens all through our Dashboard. Details.

Tictail SEO and Marketing

Almost all online shopping platforms have SEO components automatically populated, though for additional functionality the app store is the best place to start. It also applies to sales. I’ve never heard of it before. Among the free applications available on Tictail are Email Marketing reviews, Social media integration etc. Alternatively you can advertise the shop using paid apps. Among the popular features are support for product upsells, abandonment cart recovery and sale directly through Facebook.

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Tictail Templates and Design

In the corresponding article, the Tictail theme libraries currently only have seventeen options. It’s not as good as some e-commerce sites, but its design is modern, clean, and is super easy to implement and modify. Simplicity can be considered an understatement in theme design since you have enough room for your items and many are organized using the basic grid format. Some might find it hard but I think the conversion is easier with formats like these.

Tictail Features

The true highlight in Tictails is its Go Shopping area. It combines the shops into categories for customers coming and examining Indy products they would not find elsewhere on the internet. It’s very similar in design to Etsy but has a fresher feel with branded banners for categories like nature, holiday clothes and pets. What should we expect when we build a new online store? The features list is very limited, however you’ll find the basics.

Tictail Payments

Stripe Paypal Klarna is the only payment system available on Tictail. It’s not very bad, as each one is reputed, though you could certainly see more possibilities if you went for something like Shopify or Bigcommerce. In Tictail it is quite simple to install cryptocurrencies like PayPal and Stripe. Recall Tictail collects no money from customers if they pay a payment fee to the processing company.

Tictail Security

The implementation process for SSL is handled in your favor with Tictail. The basic idea is, if a user works through the dashboard a connection is always SSL secured. Similar is true if a customer is entering into your checkout process. You can also provide your customer with the security code for the SSL page, this helps ensure the safety of your website to the customer.

Tictail Pricing

I suppose the Tictail is a real attraction to people. Keep calm. The Tictail platform provides 100% Free hosting and unlimited bandwidth. Please remember to pay the fees for transactions via PayPal and Klarna, although the rest is free. There will be no monthly fees and no cost for upgrading a feature or cancelling/deleting the service before the due day.

Tictail Inventory

Inventory is fairly minimal because everything happens on the product page. You’ll find out which item is remaining for each product, so this is it. Similar to orders, it only displays all the recent deliveries and fulfillment. You can get more information in store via the app store.

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