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Everyone that supports entrepreneurship for fresh graduates are employed


All of them and they feel entitled to that opinion because they have never been unemployed with no idea of what business they should start let alone where to get the seed capital.

They are policy makers. They are policy influencers and they work for the government or, established corporates and parastatals.

The truth is people who have been employed for a while are in the best place to start businesses. They should leave employment, start their own businesses and let fresh graduates take their roles. You don’t need to be in your forties reporting and still clinging on that clerk job in a government office. Where will fresh graduates get experience.

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This is why most of us are online taxi drivers. Some of my friends feel being a taxi driver is for low level employees. I find it fun. I find it engaging. I meet corrupt people along the way and hear their side of the story. I ride with me saints who just want to live in peace with God. I avoid drunks who puke in my car and crazy husbands who don’t want their wives to catch them cheating.

In this journey I have met slay queens lying to their men where they live, I have carried Somali love birds who kept kissing in the my car. They kept cursing using the f word which was rather weird.

What a job being a taxi driver. I hope to share more of what I find along the way. Meanwhile I keep driving.

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