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Taxi Driver Listens, Advise


She says she is having challenges with her relationship.  Her boyfriend of one year has been cheating on several occasions, and she also believes he has been lying about not having a day job. He doesn’t take her out, and she feels frustrated. All this time, I am listening and driving along biashara street. It’s at the heat of the day and the town is buzzing with activity. People moving in all directions and vehicles moving slowly in single direction.

You see this street has a lot of shops and it’s the main road towards Moi avenue if you want to leave town. She is a slay queen type and I already deleted her from my list. No, I didn’t delete her. She never made it to the list since I was dating someone else and I didn’t want to mess things up. She was having problems with her relationships because of non-issues. Going out is a non-issue. She really wanted me to oblige but I didn’t consider that appropriate. I have never tried to get my customer to bed ever since I started this job.

We take Moi avenue, and she asks me to take Latema road towards river road. River road is hectic during the day and most taxis would want to avoid down town at any costs. She wanted to offload some luggage she was delivering. I was looking for money, so I turned to river road. We park next to KCB Bank and she popped out. After fifteen minutes she returns, and she says let’s go.

We head towards Koja and then we turn left towards Tom Mboya street. I told her that its okay to be single.  

“I am single and trying to date. If you are single and doing well in your business don’t worry about relationships that don’t add any value to you,” I retorted.

She asked me why I was single.

“I was married before. We had challenges and she left. She wiped the entire house clean and left with my son while I was at work.” I recounted.

I was too predictable you know. She knew my timing.  We had been together five or more years.

“You should have gone to the police. The police would have helped to get your things back.” She said angrily as siding with me.

“Don’t. That was my wife and I got all that stuff while we are together. It’s okay. I will get others.  She pulled me back five years that I am working hard to recover.”

All this time she was looking at me with that look of come get me.  I will do everything myself. I have money I only need someone to love.

I knew what she was thinking and I reminded her that I have a girlfriend she adores and I wouldn’t want her sad. She is beautiful and she supports me.

First forward I pick another client in town. She is mid aged and she seemed like recent mum. She asked me to take her to Jamu. Jamu is Jamhuri estate off Ngong road. Along the way she keeps telling me that her child is crying. She had three sons and the second born was travelling to see her mother.  She had this large toy with her and she kept asking with its good for a boy. I said “Yes. It will keep him busy and fight boredom you know.”

She told me not to end the trip. She will take 20 minutes to breastfeed and then come I  take her somewhere else. Texas Cancer Centre. While she was breastfeeding, I stayed there waiting patiently.

Then a lady walks towards the left rear door and tries to open. I always lock all my doors at anytime when I am waiting for my customers. She was on phone. She wasn’t the lady that was breastfeeding. So, I peep and showed that face. That face you show when you can’t use words since she was on phone.

She whispered, “open the door.”

The face looked familiar. I opened and stretched to tell her I have a client. She was still on phone. She stays calm and comfortable in my car. Very comfortable.  I had to wait until she was done with the phone call.

“I have a rider and I am waiting for her.” I told her when she was done.

“I know.” She replied. “she is my sister and she has gone to breastfeed. I am also waiting for her.”

Then I remembered her.  It was three weeks since we last met.

“How is your boyfriend now? Are you back together yet?” I asked.

She wasn’t shocked much. She said he is fine. We pushing on. “We have to travel to Mombasa this weekend for Easter.”

“That’s nice. It’s great to hear you’re making progress your relationship.” I explained.

“You never asked me how I knew about you two?” I confronted her.

She said she honestly didn’t know how I knew about her relationship. I reminded her that she was my customer in town some weeks back. She didn’t remember a thing about me. She remembered the trip though.

“Sorry I kept you waiting. Sasa Sue?” my rider was back and apologizing. We were hitting the road again.


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