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6 Legit ways To Earn From Blog

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A passive income is a great way to sustain yourself amid difficult financial times. Earlier we explored 4 side hustles you can start. One of them was blogging. How do you earn from blog?

Sell Advertising space

Advertising is simply getting corporates advertise their products and services you you blog space. This type of advertising need you to have a strong readership and a lot of traffic coming to your website.

Traffic is people visiting your website for information. So if you have amased a large following through good content on your website, you can sell advertising space.

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Use Adsense, media.net and others

Using these platforms gives you ready customers to advertise of you do not want to go door to door telling people you sell advertising space on your website. Adsense owned by google has a pool of advertisers who are ready to pay you. Its some sort of code you insert on your website and boom ads start showing.

Media.net is an alternative to adsense. You might have read about these else but you need traffic from US Canada and UK to earn big. There are others but they aren’t as big as those two.

Sponsored content

This is writing content on a particular subject or product/service to inform your audience. It pays well but you need to proof that you have readership. Big media houses reap bog on this.

When promoting a particular event media houses will send journalists to cover the event and write about it. You can do the same for your blog

Affiliate marketing

It like a cliche to me. I have heard this for many years. Its simply selling on behalf of someone else then earning commissions if someone buys. The most popular is selling webshosting hosting services and digital products.

You need to be convincing to get people to follow links on your website. Some countries have laws requiring you to inform your audience that you earn if they buy. I don’t have affiliate on this web blog.

Create and sell ebooks

Good teachers who can get people to buy their content create digital books and ask their readers to download. This downloadable content is easy to attached to articles and promote on your weblog.

This is a great way to earn but you have to be an expert to explore this kind of income stream. Don’t be a newbie and create junk and try to sell to people. You will loose even the readership you have already got.

Subscription Income

If you’re an expert in what you do, you can wreck millions online. People are looking for experts to help them manage their finances. You can ask you readers to subscribe by paying a small fee either annually or monthly to access content on your websites.

There readers who don’t like to see ads disturbing them while they read some vital information or the writer clearly wanting to sell to them through a particular piece of writing.

To achieve the above you might need to work hard. Make your content premium and appealing to specific readers who do notind paying to have access to information they enjoy reading.

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