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3 Side hustles in Kenya You can start in 2022

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Side hustle in Kenya for you is extremely important since depending on a single income source has become difficult. It may be viable but not sustainable in the long run. As an employed person you need to boost your income to beat the ever rising cost of living in Kenya. Here are some side hustles and small business ideas you could start while you are still in employment.

Below side hustles do not need you to interfere with your current employment. These side hustles are flexible and you can work only when you have time. Don’t give these excuses people give for not starting your sidehustles.

Uber/ online taxi Is a side hustle in Kenya

This works of you have a low consumption car with you and you like driving around. You have to like driving in Nairobi for you to succeed at this. There people who hate the chaos associated with driving around this city. Try on Sundays its not much of a hustle.

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What you need is at least 4 years of driving experience, a car, PSV badge and then apply to drive with uber, bolt, or little cab. There are others but those are the major ones.

Blogging is hard. You can also trying creating videos. If you love writing then blogging is for you. If you can create motion pictures I mean videos then YouTube is for you. How do you earn from blogging?

It’s easy, you create content that people love to read or watch, get google to advertise on your website and then boom you get views and subscribers and you earn. One thing that I should remind you is that you won’t make money in your first-month writing or YouTubing. You have to create a fan base and that takes time. You will need to practice patience for you to succeed.

Essay writing

Write essays for people. That may be college application essays, speeches, don’t do assignments for students, its a crime. You write emails and proposals, business plans among others. How do you start essay writing as a side hustle?

Google! That’s how you start. You will get lots of people offering employment for people who can write. Most of these employers have applied action forms on their websites. Apply, do tests, submit samples if you have any and of they are quality you get money writing. There websites that pay people to write content for them. You can start with those.

Mpesa agent/ Bank agent

You will need a good location with your neighborhood. You have to employe someone to run it for you. Those are two major challenge for this hustle.

However, people who combine agent banking and Mpesa alongside a retail shop are enjoying this business. All major banks in Kenya have agents working for them across this city. If you have extra amount you can invest consider it. It needs close eye on it and proper management.

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