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4 ways to maintain your job in 2020


Getting a job is increasingly becoming difficult in this decade. Every facet of life has been or is being disrupted by technology. How do you then stay in your job. How do you make yourself valuable to your employer?

Companies will reward continuous learning

Couple of years ago my ex wife wanted to go back to school and she asked me what she should study. I immediately thought its is vital that she makes herself an asset for her company. She went back to school and started a course that would increase her skill in the job she was doing.

Your quest for knowledge will be rewarded. It may not seem so certain at the moment but it will for sure in the coming year. That is likely what will set you apart from the rest.

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Sometimes life become too comfortable while in that secure job, but with disruption the day will come when the company will decide to cut down on manpower due to automation. Continuous learning and acquired skill set will keep outstanding.

Employer Feedback

Which will be more deliberate and meaningful. As youthful population continue to grow and technology advances, feedback forms a vital aspect of present day employment.

Your inquisitive self will likely propel you this decade

HBR reiterates the need to hire curious people. Often, we think of fixing and changing things but its time to predict and prevent situations in workplace hence the need to hire curious employees. Curiosity leads to discovery of new ways of doing things, new opportunities and new solutions to present and past challenges.

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