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The best jobs in America in 2022

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Your guidance counselor and college adviser can tell you to follow your dreams, but there are some Gen Z students studying in a recession with college degrees that ask – what are the costs? Please find some good internet degree options that can help you to get a job.

MoneyWatch. 23. Mai 2021 / 5:30 p.m. / CBS News The job market is the tightest for decades. Retirement and the coronavirus virus have created shortages and many people have begun rethinking their job titles. However, certain criteria are largely unchanged. Glassdoor announced its 50 Best Jobs in the US list in May, identifying top job opportunities.

How do I find my highest-paying career?

How will I be successful if I don’t have enough time and resources? If that answer is what the job markets value you will be placed amongst this list of the top 50 most paid careers. Highest paid online degrees Bachelor’s and master’s degrees Highest pay online degrees Highest paid online master’s degrees The college consensus report to 2021’s 50 highest paid career options includes:

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Software Developer Quality Assurance Analyst

420 new jobs added this rapidly expanding career gives people the freedom of working from home with a laptop and earning up to $150,000 annually. Maybe your users have bugged their software and now you have to pay to fix the problem. There are no bachelor’s or master’s programs required to design software tests that are designed to find problems and improve efficiency. All software projects must involve you. A developer first asks the user to tell him how they plan on using the software. You’ll be involved in the determination of security. Then your program is created and supervised by the programmer.


28,000 chef jobs have been created. I’m sure if you like cooking for people, this should be your job. It’s a perfect thing. No college qualification is necessary. Generally, chefs gain experience by working. Find a variety of training opportunities at various colleges and technical colleges. You have a task that involves choosing the dishes for service, supervising the daily meal preparation, and instructing kitchen workers to take care of a food-related issue. You are working around the food every day earning around $53380 a year! You should keep dreaming big-time as Chef Gordon Ramsay is reported to be averaging about $63 million for 2019.

Oral Medicine

We can no longer overestimate oral health. Often diseased mouth can indicate major signs or symptoms that are often forgotten and may cause other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. Even though most Americans neglect oral hygiene, those that care for it earn high wages. Dentist salaries are around $250,000 and Orthodontic patients can be up to $270,000 per month. This job requires years of education, and there’s no reason for people to look at their mouths all night long. Median salaries: Orthodontists: 158.921. Prosthodontists: 158.723. Dentists: 165.64. Degree in Doctorate Education.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts are highly paid for their math work. Operations research analyst uses statistics, math, and other resources to understand a particular business problem. They might involve modifying supply chain management, coordinating products in an organization, improving sales, and optimizing human resources. Because this specialized field is highly technical education and skills create automatic barriers to entry, employment has lows, job projections remain strong (growing by 27%) and median salaries are stable and satisfactory. Median salary: 77118. Education: Masters.

Wind turbine technicians

The job creation project is expected to grow by 68%, with 4600 jobs by 2030. It is certainly not an anomaly that it has stayed the highest for the past two years. Increasing energy use is becoming an important factor in tackling climate change. The Biden administration is currently not only backing renewable energy but has also pushed for billions to be invested to improve energy security. The gig is perfect when you enjoy experimenting outdoors and don’t fear tall buildings and small spaces. You’ll stuff yourselves inside the turbine housing for construction, repairs and maintenance.

IT Manager

IT managers generally are responsible for the IT department within the organization or company and have the authority and responsibility to supervise and manage technicians and analysts who maintain the network operation. As a beginner or a manager, the IT manager will usually require specialized skills. IT managers have to understand not only technical skills but also management skills which might require a master. An IT administrator could expect upwards of $100000 annually during his education and responsibilities. Median salary: $144.63 Education level: masters in business.

Pediatricians (General): $198,420

Pediatricians – Medical doctors specializing in child care – make less than a pediatrician or an internist and are also among the top-paid professionals in healthcare. 34. This general practitioner performs checks and examinations for younger patients and treats common ailments. In the event the problem becomes complicated, the physician may refer the patient to a physician to receive treatment.12. 12. Pediatricians have a need for strong critical thought skills, especially given their frequent patient populations, as well as a strong interpersonal and empathy capacity.

Makeup Artist

37% increase. It’s an interesting side-by-side business that grows rapidly. When you love the job of making characters look good on screen or through starring roles you could earn a few hundred. Make-up artists earn around $111 – 950 an annum and require no education. Pack your travel bag for freelance travel to production sites. You’ll be working closely with talented people, physically and at face level, as they work on makeup for an hour. Sometimes artists have to enjoy being therapists part-time and having time with the talent to talk about their day.

Natural Sciences Managers: $156,110

Moving up the organizational chart is the best way to earn money and in most fields, Science and Engineering do nothing different. Professional scientists who supervise scientists rank in the top 25 for the average amount they receive. 52. Natural Sciences managers can carry any title such as health sciences administrator, lab director, research manager, senior researcher or senior scientist. They have a common responsibility for coordination activities ranging from testing, quality management to manufacturing and to managing research and innovation.54.

Psychiatrists: $249,760

While every psychiatrist helps with mental health issues, there are many specialty areas in the field. Some specialize in forensic (legal) psychiatry addiction psychiatry or consulting psychiatry. All of these are performed in hospitals. Another is focused in psychological therapy in which an expert psychiatrist helps a person remember past experiences and emotions and focuses his attention on their current emotions. Psychologists are found in a wide variety of workplaces, including private practices, hospitals, communities, schools and jails.

Doctors caring for mental health make an impressive salary. Psychiatrists are medical students who have a medical residency, spend a year at a residency clinic and have the task to prescribe medicine, which is a more rigorous work schedule than psychologists are used to. Psychotherapists view mental health as part of health, thus they receive a doctoral salary. But there’s room for growth. There will be over 3,000 jobs expected in 10 years. Median salary: 194507$. Degree: Doctorate.

Exercise Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors

39% increase in hiring. All the continuous binging has brought an army of people wanting to return in shape. Those people that did a good job in maintaining their workout schedule are ready for the payback! Why not get paid $59k each month for helping a health-conscious man? You can usually get your client and group together in fitness clubs, recreation facilities or yoga studios, fitness classes, and sometimes even in the homes of their clients. All of your exercises are taught now at the gym: cardiovascular training, and weight training.

Home Health and Personal Care Aided

This career is ranked number one for the most recent hire volume in the country and has hired more than 1.3 million people. In this purposeful work, you must go to the homes of other people to offer daily treatment to the patient. Your doctor will administer medications and check the patient’s heart rate and temperature as needed. Your salary for an entry-level position is $27,280. Think about how your job might affect others, save countless lives, or join a medical hero’s family. There is no monetary need for student loans.

Nurse. Midwife

Nurse midwives are amongst the most rewarding professions. For women who require comfort and minimal care from a cardiologist and modern health care, a midwife may just be the best in the world. Nurse Midwifery has a Bachelor in Nursing and a license and in many states, nurses must work under a GP in order to perform their job. Nurse midwives are usually responsible for providing for the nursing rooms of pregnant mothers and their salaries also reflect this role. Average Salary: $87158 Educational & Practicing Master.


Why are surgical doctors paid the highest for their work? It was certainly right given that surgeons, obstetricians, and other medical specialists literally hold lives in their hands – they require at least 10-12 yearly higher studies in order to be qualified for such a lucrative job. Currently, there are thousands of jobs open across all of these jobs, and the unemployment ratio is zero. Median Salary: Oral or Maxillofacial Surgery: $355.884. Anesthesia: $278016. Surgery: Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: $277.77.

Family Medicine Physicians: $235,930

The definition is “doctors who diagnose, treat and give preventive services to individuals throughout their life span”. Usually physicians are directed to specialists to obtain advanced treatments. Family medicine doctors or primary care physicians typically provide patients regular examinations to treat a variety of underlying health issues including sinus and respiratory problems. Generally speaking, some doctors specialize in children (pediatricians and internists).

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants make up a vital aspect of healthcare because often they are different between medical care and no medical care. Training for PAs is similar to those in medical school and are certified for examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Despite the lack of doctors in many rural and underserved regions, PAs can help with health services. While they are paid less than med doctors in terms of benefits, a doctor’s assistant does not go unappreciated. Median salary: $193,438. Educated: Bachelor’s degree.


When you say you’ll be in contact with the medical doctor, you mean the physician. Physicians also spend much longer working in schools as well as residency programs and are also busy in a number of areas. Physicians are rewarded for the sacrifice of time they have. Generally, general practitioners have income exceeding $100,000. Median Salary: Physician: $173,953. Podiatrists – $144,568. Education level: Doctorates.

Physicians (Other): $255,110

If we took average salary from every physician who specialized in the other specialty they would rank sixth.18. The “others” category carries work that ranges in size from allergist and cardiology and dermatologist to ophthalmologist. The list includes pathologists, researchers that examine a person’s body tissue, and radiologists who analyse images and give radiation therapy.

Internal Medicine Physicians: $242,190

Internists, usually doctors or hospitals in primary health care, specialise in adult patient care. Many general practices physicians see patients in their primary care role and need help with various ailments. In a time of high traffic the need for a good decision-making ability is a necessity.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

53% Increased Job Openings Expected! It’s a good job to do outdoors and enjoy using your hands or tools. You have the responsibility to install solar panel roofs. Your initial salary is likely to be about $44,890 per year. But the bad news could be – you shouldn’t fear heights in your job search. How much education and training is required to be a skilled solar installer? Some technical and community colleges offer online solar energy training programs which can assist you to get started on your solar career.

Market research analyst

New job openings will add 128.800 more. You may be interested in working as a market analyst or market research analyst. However, you should enjoy data charts and graphs because they can help you study market conditions and help companies determine the best price for a product. You have to earn a bachelors degree but online marketing degrees are available and the company pays you 658,810. You should be looking at being a market research analyst so that your career personality will fit the jobs that you want.

Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers and Other Public Figures

54% Increase – If you love negotiating, you’re now ready. The industry will continue to grow during its first eight-year forecast. In addition to negotiating you also work on recruitment, promotion and marketing. You must establish strong relationships with customers and teams to understand each others needs. It is important to keep the spotlight on the athlete, but keep it in perspective and work inside out. The only degree required for becoming an agent is a master’s degree with a few law degree programs.

Athletes and Sports Competitors

The desire for games is growing and there are more athletes competing. It is only a matter of time before you start a new career as a professional athlete. It currently has between 1700 professionals competing worldwide. The vast majority of pro athletes work as independent workers and therefore receive their own sponsoring. A good majority of athletes start at the middle school and college level.

Computer and Information Systems Managers: $162,930

Information systems management supervises functions ranging from computer programming and data analysis. The IT professionals evaluate IT needs and collaborate with IT professionals in order to develop and maintain computers that are aimed towards meeting these requirements. Successful managers must develop a solid plan compatible with organisation objectives and motivate staff under supervision. Prior to becoming IS Manager, a person normally has several years experience in another field.

Petroleum Engineer

It is a simple rule that any work that includes engineering is highly paid, particularly for Petroleum Engineers. From fuels to plastic products, the human world relies heavily upon fossil fuels and experts who apply scientific knowledge can improve the efficiency of the product and the operation of a drill plant. Petroleum engineers require more specialized educational programs post-bachelor and working conditions can be extreme. Average salary: $100583. Education: Masters Degree.

Airline Pilots, Copilots and Flight Engineers: $198,190

Work with aviation can be difficult to get away from work, but it also leads to income in some cases. BLS combines pilots, copilots and piloting experts to form a class.35. The flying crew is generally more experienced and he oversees the rest of their crew. The pilot has commanded two of the flights and is responsible for the pilot. Flight engineers conduct pre-flight inspection, check plane pressure in cabins to check fuel burning and perform other important duties as needed.

Chief Executives: $213,020

CEOs represent the highest paid profession other than medicine or dentistry. As one of its top employees, the CEO’s duties include making key decisions in relation to the management team, directing the company towards new product areas and interface with the management team.26. Often CEOs have busy schedules despite their high earnings. The Harvard Business Review report shows CEOs spend 612.5 hours a week at a company, with half of them working at home and half traveling.

Dentists (General): $167,160

Dental professionals usually appear in healthcare careers lists. While salaries tend to be interesting, the relatively low stress and flexibility in scheduling definitely adds to this appeal.42. During the typical day, dentists might analyze X-ray scans, fill cavities extracted from teeth, and administer sealants. It is a job that requires an understanding of best practices, attention to detail, as well as the ability to establish a good relationship with patients.39.


You’ll see a doctor much more frequently if you visit your physician’s clinic and this is good. NPs often have all the experience and skills that doctors need. In reality, nearly half of American nurses have no supervision from doctors. NPs require an undergraduate Master’s degree and state licenses to practice, and aspiring NPs must be aware hours are twice as long as in nursing and they are also responsible. But this payment can help cover worn-out feet.

Nurse Anesthetist

While nurse anesthesiologists are some of the most well-paid doctors in the profession, nurses also perform well. Nurse anesthetists are specialists who do almost exactly that as anesthetists – administer anesthesia, monitor vital signs, administer sedation – but have to perform their duties as doctors. Generally, nurses must work as nurses, including aftercare. It is certainly good to earn a six-figure median. Media salaries: $239,829. Educational Levels: Doctoral.

Nursing generally pays well as opposed to most careers, however, nurse anesthetists do very well. Licensed nurses perform surgery before anesthesia and provide a range of surgical procedures. ‘3135 While they work as a similar role to an anesthetist, they perform other duties.

Surgeons: $294,520

Even with some years’ experience as a surgeon, the elite physician is rewarded with the highest-paid career possible11. Depending on specialized specialities surgeons can work longer, irregularly. In general surgeons in fields of trauma and neurosurgery often work long shifts sometimes overnight and during pre-operation. Surgery is performed for fractures or disease including cancer. Surgeons provide medical advice to patients before and after surgery.


Actuarial science can be found within accounting statistics combines accounting statistics / business analysis. It is a job that few have thought about before completing their degree. A financial advisor is the ideal position to have in the field for a person with good math knowledge. This is challenging, there are not enough actuaries so an experienced actuary can almost make his ticket. Median Salary: 83620. Education Level: Master’s.

Orthodontists: $267,280

An orthodontist is dedicated to corrective dentistry and is often referred from patients to their dentist. The physicians often make X-rays, make braces or create mouth protection.16 – 15. Orthodontists need to possess good communication skills and have good analytical abilities. During their time at orthodontic offices, some people have their own orthodontic clinics which require specialized management knowledge and skills.

Anesthesiologists: $331,190

A physician whose job it is to provide medical treatment to patients uses anesthetics or analgesics to treat symptoms or pain after a surgical procedure. These highly specialised careers are among the top-earring careers.2. Working day a radiologist follows operating room schedules that can be longer and unpredictable. The anesthesiologist must also attend planned surgeries and emergency operations such as trauma or birth.


In many ways, pharmacists represent an unsung Hero. Doctors might give medicine, but pharmacists make sure patients get the right dose when needed. For pharmacist training you must have a doctorate or diploma from the state board of pharmacy. The job itself is relatively low-stressed but it has some significant responsibility and is also well paid. Median salaries: 105,535. Education: Doctorate degree.

Scrum master

Median base salary: $109,244 Satisfaction: 4/5 Openings for jobs: 9799. Scrum can help small teams break up a task into manageable tasks. Scrum masters manage a project which ensures a set framework is adhered to. The mostly working software developers can get job opportunities at financial, construction or marketing companies. A scrummaster qualification is typically necessary to obtain.


Many people will think lawyers need to be more effective in all kinds of fields. A lawyer helps protect convicted criminals against unfair treatment, keeping businesses in line with business principles. For lawyers, their long hours, intense stress and huge obligations are paid in large median salaries. The median wage was $181.6848. Degree in Education: Doctoral.

Front-end engineer

Median base salary: 81136. Satisfaction of employees. Job openings. 110044 frontend developers create, design, develop and implement the visual components of websites/Apps (and other things users interact with) rather than the unreported code and data. They usually hold bachelor degrees in computer science and work with software development.

Architectural and Engineering Managers: $158,970

These administrators have the responsibility to coordinate every technique in architecture and engineering. 48. These could include analyzing feasibility and budgets for the projects, to consult clients and prepare specifications for them. A well-developed management background is required to understand the specific projects requirements.

Project manager

Median base salary: 856,000. Satisfaction with jobs: 3.75/5. Jobs opening: 44,504. Project Managers oversee the completion of complex assignments. These people can be employed in most industries including construction and information technology. Students should typically hold bachelors or business degrees in computing and experience.

Computer Network Architect

Business has a high and falling dependence on communications today and computer network architecture can be crucial in maintaining communication. Typical computer networks can range from small intranets to vast cloud networks. This is an extremely difficult work with many years of experience. Median salary: 164,388 degrees.

Obstetricians-Gynecologists: $296,210

OB/Gynaecologists are doctors who specialize in obstetrics-gynaecological health. A successful OB-Gyn has great skills in communication and improving the health of their patients and babies. A few of them excel at dealing with difficult situations—particularly childbirth—which happen at different times.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: $311,460

The dental surgeon treats many types of diseases including infections and defects of the mouths and jaws. Those who have wisdom teeth can have many common issues including a maligned jawline tumor, and cystic jawbone. It is possible to perform resuscitation surgeries with dental implanted implants.

Solutions engineer

Median base salary: $110,935 Satisfactory work environment: 4.1/5. Position opening 2365 Software engineers identify customer needs through software, and work with colleagues to meet those needs. The job requires an undergraduate, with several students acquiring computer science degrees.

Compliance officer

Median base salary : $80.000. Job satisfaction: 5.9/5 openings. 12053 Compliance officers protect businesses from legal disputes and ensure operations conform to federal regulations. The majority hold bachelor degrees in law, business administration and financial services administration.

Data analyst

Median base salary: 72224. Job satisfaction: 4.5/5. Job opening: 13665. Data analyst’s main focus is data analysis and helps companies make better business decisions. Typically, these students are studying math or finance statistics, economic, and computer science.

Database architect

Median base salary: $140.000 Job satisfaction: 3.50/5. Openings: 3.246 Database architects examine large amounts of information to help businesses expand into other markets. Most of their undergraduate degree is in computer engineering and information technology.

Program manager

Median salary: 83 335 Job satisfaction: 3.0-5. Job openings: 26881 Program managers supervise multiple projects simultaneously. They are responsible for budgets and individual manager tasks. This job requires you to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Government data show that healthcare dominates the salary ladder

Healthcare is the top-ranked occupation and it’ll continue to grow. Approximately 2.6 million jobs would have already been added to the health sector by 2030. Those growing populations will likely lead to increased healthcare needs, it said in its statement.

Product designer

Average salary: 112,785. Job satisfaction: 4. 5 vacancies. 2.2776. Product designers design and manufacture consumer products focusing first and most important on customer experiences. Bachelor’s degrees in relevant industries are sometimes required.

Quality assurance engineer

Median base wage: $86.626. Satisfaction in the jobs: 4.2. Job openings: 4881. QA testers test software before it’s launched. In most countries bachelor degrees are needed in Computer Science along with knowledge of Python, Java and Java++.

Dentists (All Other Specialties): $175,160

Dentists with other practice areas receive likewise very well paid compensations. The BLS lumps these experts together. The specialists in this category include dentist and periodontists who deal with teeth inside the jawbone and gums.


Median salary: 95,199. Recruitment: 3.9/5 openings: 10652. Psychology is able to diagnose people with nonphysical illnesses as well as to treat their symptoms. They typically require the doctor of psychology from an accredited college.

Business analyst

Median base salary: 805556. Job satisfaction: 3.0/5. Job openings: 15,238. Business analysts analyze data and identify potential expansion opportunities. They must have an undergraduate degree in business and economics.

Customer success manager

Typical base salary: $73,702 Job satisfaction: 4 /5. Job openings: 6633. Customer service managers help build relationships and help build trust. Generally, job applications require a bachelors degree in business.


Minimum wage: 55.90. Job performance: 5.4.3/11. Job opening: 12298 Realtors have to have a working knowledge of local home market, a high school diploma and a college degree is required for the profession.

HR business partner

Median base salary – 85 431. Customer satisfaction: 4.0/5. Jobs opened in four108 HR and human resources companies. The best applicants are bachelors and have five years of relevant work experience.

Sales engineer

Median basic salary: 958,809. Job success: 4,055. Job openings: 40909. Sales engineer explains and provides technical products for businesses. Most jobs require a degree in engineering.

Product marketing manager

Median base salary: $225,000 Job satisfaction: 4.2/5 Positions open. They usually hold an associates degree in marketing and a background in communications and marketing.

Customer success manager

Typical base salary: $73,702 Job satisfaction: 4 /5. Job openings: 6633. Customer service managers help build relationships and help build trust. Generally, job applications require a bachelors degree in business.

Risk manager

Median base salary is $122,748. Job satisfaction 3.9/5. Job openings. Most professionals in this field have masters degrees.

Strategic account manager

Median base salary: 88,711 satisfaction: 4,4/7 openings. They usually have bachelor’s degrees in sales management.

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