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Online and Offline side hustles in Kenya

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You may supplement the income from your business with the assistance of your own income. A side business is a job that provides money to a client in addition to a regular job. Many other side jobs will give you more coins. Some side hustles provide passive income to the employees of the company.

Why do people need side hustles in Kenya?

Recent data from Kenya’s NBS show nine in ten workers in Kenya are worried about losing jobs in the COVID19 pandemic. 4% of employed people fear being out of work or losing work altogether if they don’t get their job. Is it true? It is hard when your primary job is to get the best possible security, regardless of the money. How do we cope with such challenges? You may be adopted into an offshore family of wealthy people or be an American prince. It is tempting to start a side hustle in Kenya.

Start a blog

People have a great interest and desire to find out about various aspects of life. Starting a blog for sharing news on specific topics has become a popular side hustle in Kenya. To gain traffic, choose an interesting area of interest and continually produce relevant, engaging information that ensures readers stay for more. When the site grows in popularity you can sell ad space on a website that is able to generate revenue through monetization strategies. Paying for paid advertising via a network of marketing services like Google AdSense is a flat fee for advertisers that post ads on your site.

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Bloggers are a side job to make your life more enjoyable. When you are a blogging manager, you plan all the things that must happen. It’s important you know the basics so we can get going. Blogs need determination on what to accomplish to achieve better results. Keep an active mind on this goal and soon you should see some fruit. It must be high quality to monetize an article on this website. Find an affordable hosting company. Here’s my guide on the process of starting your blog. You’ll have instructions on how and when to proceed.

Affiliate marketing

Obviously, you could also make a side income from Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is incredibly effective and produces more revenue than anyone thinks possible. With the constantly expanding number of affiliate marketers, they have the opportunity to grow in their future markets. Remember that we’re pursuing side hustles that last a lifetime. You could also consider promoting affiliates. When you offer products to a customer that has purchased from your site, you will receive a commission on the purchase. So affiliates work. It’s really nice to start using affiliates right away.


Farms in Kenya can provide lucrative side hustles which will generate good returns all the time. Imagine agriculture never leaving our market. We don’t need technology that could replace our daily meals. The difference is to bring product standards to quality. During Covid 19’s peak, many workers were impacted by reduced mobility. During those years, however, most people entered poultry grazing, cattle, or vegetable production. It’s possible to raise chicken all year round. No matter whether there’s land or not. Start by purchasing an inexpensive cage for the lowest possible price.

Having access to land in arable areas is a profitable business. You have to be in agriculture all day. Occasionally you might hire people from different regions to do the agriculture work for you. The farm needs the help and guidance of an experienced farm manager. You’ll only visit periodically to monitor how it progresses. When you invest well, you’ll be able to grow a large number of crops such as avocados & other seeds.

Poultry farming

Although you may be given different opinions on poultry farms, they are incredibly profitable ventures if done right. This is an excellent side hustle in Kenya which is great for supplementing your main salary. This venture is risk prone. You must take an active part in the process and watch your chicken closely. Find a professional management company that can offer constant support for a healthy and well-maintained chicken.

SEO and marketing

SEO is the ability to earn money. It is easy to find jobs in all countries in this sector. It is possible to work freelance as an employer, even if only for the sake of learning and improving your skills. In reality, it is a very successful online scam in Kenya. It’s also possible through advertising that you can earn money from the net or in person. It may be ideal for you if you are a fan of marketing your products online. In Kenya, many marketing professionals require assistance with marketing knowledge. Several organizations require marketing and advertising.

Freelance writer

Freelancing is one of our most successful side jobs. You have the option to create a story or an article and write a blog for different magazines. A freelance writer is needed to develop websites, magazines or other media outlets. You can work with a local client or online. Find free freelance writing jobs to suit your style and needs. How can a writer get involved in fitness? What’s a reasonable price to pay for articles? Tell me the best way to get hired for a project? This question will assist you in determining your career path.

A freelancer does nothing for the employer. The freelancer decides what job or business he wants to work for. The demand for freelancers is growing in many industries, including publishing a variety of books and articles in these fields including computer programming and graphic design. A total of four payment options are offered per project based on the duration of the job. Skills and knowledge can affect the amount a freelancer is allowed to pay. If you are an author you may find jobs as a ghostwriter in the writing of books.

So let me tell you I started by putting that up as a goal. Hehehe. Information has power and there must be informants. In our modern age, writing has become an extremely valuable resource. Because online shopping continues to grow. People search for service information online. This results in an increase in written information across the Internet. Most of them seek out writing services who write business articles. This website grows exponentially every year. Tell me a way to earn cash from home.

Small business

A small business is an excellent side business idea in Kenya. There’s just enough passion for your business. You can find a good location for your new company and then decide. Choosing a great location will depend upon your business. It is important to start your own business in a suitable location as it can determine how successful you can be. Researchers report that many businesses collapse within a year of starting operations. I think you should have avoided it a few years ago. Keep it in mind whatever happens.

Become an Online Tutor

Online learning is mainly about educating a student through the Internet and not just teaching. If you know something someone is wanting you or know something about, then you can help people to learn and earn money. After learning the art of online learning, you will be able create online training courses for students to easily access and access for free. You can create and run online courses using platforms such as edy or teachable. You may combine the courses into an online book that can be downloaded.

Virtual assistants

Another interesting side job could be virtual assistants. Many are unaware that Kenya offers a booming business environment for both individual investors and business owners alike. Becoming a virtual assistant is an effective method of earning money. Virtual assistants are people who help business owners with everyday tasks such as office administration, project management, research, customer care and marketing. It’s nice for a person to work as a digital assistant and work remotely in Kenya as there are so many thriving sectors.

A YouTube channel

Making money online has quickly turned into an extremely lucrative sexual business in many countries. You may make money by creating content that is interesting, educational, or unique for the audience to watch. YouTube channels are very simple. You only require a current email account. Please consult this document. Identify something that interests you and visualize your potential earnings from it. Your passions may involve cooking or exercise. Is it possible to do it right now? Show your passion by posting a picture on YouTube.

Set up an online store

Internet sales increased rapidly. Probably a result of the increasing usage of online content. You can also create online businesses and make money. Tell us what are trending clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories like? Digital users first visit the site. Most buyers purchase online after getting their preference. This demonstrates the proximity that our business can reach online. People have a hard time finding a store. Therefore, consumers can buy products via Amazon or Jumia via a genuine link.

It’s easy for Kenyans to establish online businesses, but a good starting point would be to build a site. You can begin by building your own website that shows off your skills and offers products you created. It is easy for people to build websites and earn money from these. I recommend using truehost Kenya for your website hosting provider since they offer a simple and reliable interface. Once you have a website, the next step is selling it!

Become a Dropshipper

Most people know about Jumia drop-shipping programs. You may have noticed drop shipping as an interesting side business opportunity in Kenya. Dropshipping allows selling products on eBay without purchasing them in bulk. The disadvantage of doing it takes a little time to learn how it’s possible for you. However, there’s not another online business that can match that income. With some effort, it can get you around $ 50 000 per month.

Bartender/ Waiter and Waitress

Though it might initially appear as if the bartending business is an odd side gig, in a few years bartending is a very lucrative business in Kenya. It’s simple to start with no education as most bars hire you with little experience if you’re flexible about the time you shift. You could make about 30k per day if you bartered during weekends and up to 60k per day if you barted during weekends. These are definitely incredibly useful jobs for Kenyan students because of their flexible nature and potential to generate more income. How do I start generating cash? Ideally: A recommendation for guiding people..

Start a Taxi Business

If your free time allows, you could turn the car into a taxi. There are several taxi app companies in Kenya. It’s an advantage for an App to be used anywhere you need it. There is only an automobile and an iPhone. The app alerts someone when they want the ride. This is a call you choose based on your free time. So our team thinks it would have been an ideal side hustle to launch from Nairobi. You can work some hours after your normal work hours or you can have somebody driving your vehicle and taking your payment after their workday is over. Similar applies in matatu businesses too.

Become a Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketing involves using social networking platforms to gain and build loyal audiences. Anyone can get involved in the side hustle if there are enough users on their Facebook page. If someone has an Instagram account you can use these channels as an online advertisement to market their product or service. You may use Facebook to promote a particular product or company website; or you may be paid by the companies for running the social networks you use. Whichever way you decide, it will become the best side business in Kenya. Tell me a few things:

Salon and Barber Shop

This is definitely a very lucrative side hustle. In most cases, salons or barber shops require not the presence of an operator for their operation. The investment amount could be anywhere around ksh. 150000 if you work for that company. The perfect location to make such investments is in large towns close to university and college campuses and posh properties. It is possible in these places that you provide superior services at a high level with premiums. A side business can bring maximum profits by providing management skills and an experienced team.

Do delivery services

If you have your own motorcycle and have an extended schedule you could make some income from this. As a messenger rider you collect a number of cash and shipments and then deliver these to specific places in a particular location. You are also able to join food suppliers as delivery agents, such as UberEats or UberGo. You can earn commissions. It may be difficult for some of the parttime jobs to cover larger geographic areas, because there is a short schedule. Tell me the most important thing: Earning Potential: Long-term potential?

Cake baking

Cakes can require some basic training. In Kenya there exist many colleges which have introductory baking lessons. After having enough knowledge, you can go out on weekends. Your special event can include a birthday or a wedding. If you can find enough money, you can rent a shop in a central business district or another strategically-positioned location. It is possible to employ someone to help with the operation if the schedule is tight. We would suggest using an electric mixer.

Do Part-Time Teaching or Tutoring?

It will earn you more money for studying and teaching. It’s possible to do that either by collaborating with students and parents or by teachers in setting up the flexibility of their time. The salary is dependent upon your educational level and the hours of instruction. Our scheduling is very flexible when your students can be taught at both university and college. In some schools, the schedule may be a little rigid because the teachers follow timetables that are important.

Consultancy Services

Do you have knowledge of specific areas of expertise? Can I create my own side hustle for extra money? You can even use your skills and knowledge to consult. In some instances, a business owner who knows online marketing is ideally able to provide a professional website development service to improve its business. Consultants are not required to perform their jobs at all. Just give them a few words. Consultancy requires no office location or set working times.

Start a cleaning business

Most people can’t afford the time to clean themselves so they are happy to pay. You’d need some cash to buy some detergent equipment. There are also skills required. Your schedule will have to be suitable for your customers. Alternatively, it may take place on weekends. Cleaning includes cleaning homes, washing clothes, and cleaning house. A washing machine is also available if you have a client that needs you to remove their cars from their houses

Become an Event Planner

Weddings and parties usually occur during work hours or weekends. Most people travel during the holiday season and on Saturdays. It gives you an excellent possibility to work as an organizer when you don’t have to work and earn extra money. Even planning requires a lot of services. You can make as much as 500k events depending upon its size.

Start a Movers Company

You just need some trucks and reliable drivers. You will manage everything logistically. This vehicle can easily be carried by you at weekends as well as during holidays.. Among your potential customers are those that are moving houses or people buying large furniture such as couches to take home. Fees vary according to distance and type of load.

Store people’s stuff at your house

I lived in Nairobi for many years and had many friends searching for a place to store their furniture when they were moving around. It’s the perfect side hustle because it has flexibility and requires no investment. You rent space for people that need storage when moving between different areas of your apartment. Tell me the best method for gaining an income: Long-term possibility.

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