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How to Be Rich

Side gigs, side hustle

In a capitalist economy just make others poor. That would not be the same philosophy as to get a job, make someone jobless or to be happy make someone unhappy.

I mean to change your situation now does not have to affect someone else negatively. Unfortunately,  it doesn’t happen this way.

But we have created a system in the world that’s so depressing. Its the accounting system. It means for every plus there is a minus. For every debit, there is a credit. For you to gain, someone has to lose.

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I have had the same thought before.  There are hundreds of people employed government offices who never quit or intend to quit.  They would die in the same office, the same role same pay were it not for retirement policy. Why? Its secure, it  makes one comfortable.

Then trade union would rise up in arms in cases of unfair termination. I got terminated without clear reason why? But I decided I wouldn’t want to dwell on that. But I was terminated for someone to get a job.

Did you know  that you can be a triple billionaire but making a billion people poor. It is called capitalism. Corporates do  that. Betting firms. Forex trading firms. You know.

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