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Develop your Elevator Pitch

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We’ve all met someone in an elevator, or maybe even on a plane, who seems to know exactly what they’re doing and how to get along with everyone. They may have been given the title “elevator pitch” because they were able to quickly share their story (and themselves) with others. In fact, many successful people have developed this skill over time through trial and error—and sometimes through some great mentorship!

The first step to developing your own elevator pitch is learning about the process itself. The second step: practice! You will need to practice over and over again until you can confidently tell your story in five minutes or less. Here are some tips for developing your own elevator pitch:

Why do you need an elevator pitch?

You need an elevator pitch because you have a business idea that can change the world.

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An elevator pitch is a short, concise description of your company’s mission and vision, including how they’re different from its competitors. It should be easy to remember—you’ll probably only have five seconds to get someone’s attention before they walk away.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 20 years or just launched your company today: if you’re passionate about what you do and make an impact on the world (or at least those around you), people will want to hear more about it!

Here are some tips on how make sure this happens:

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short, persuasive speech that you can give in the time it takes to ride an elevator. It should be able to convey the most important points about you and your business.

The best elevator pitches are not about your product or service but instead focus on who you are as a person, how much value you bring to others, and what makes working with you different than other options available in the market.

How do you begin to develop your elevator pitch?

How do you begin to develop your elevator pitch? Start by defining your audience, goals, and needs.

  • Define Who Is Your Audience? What are their needs? Are they looking for information about a topic or product that you can help them with? Are they funding research on a problem that needs solving? Do they want to make an investment in someone’s career who is working toward the same goal as yourself (a mentor)?
  • Define Your Strengths And Weaknesses As A Person And As An Expert In This Field: What are the positive things about being yourself vs. being another expert out there who has been doing this for years than yours has been alive thus far?

The content of your elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch should be a one-minute, 30-second summary of your business. It’s the first thing you say to potential clients and colleagues when introducing yourself.

Your elevator pitch should contain:

  • A quick introduction—A few sentences that introduce yourself and what you do in a way that makes it easy for others to remember.
  • What makes you unique—Your unique selling point (USP), which is what sets you apart from other people who are also applying for the same job/position at this company or in this industry/field. For example, I am a marketing specialist who cares about my customers!
  • Why hiring me is worth it—How much better off will we all be with our new hire than if we hadn’t hired him/her? This could include numbers like 5X improvement in sales conversion rates over previous hires; increased revenue per employee by $0-$50k; etc…

Practice, practice, and practice some more

Practice, practice, and practice some more.

The point of an elevator pitch is not to memorize it but to be able to express it clearly in the moment. So don’t worry if you forget a word or two; just get back on track and keep going. If you’re feeling shy about practicing out loud with people nearby (as opposed to video recording yourself), try practicing in front of a mirror first: that way you’ll see yourself looking confident instead of nervous!

If all else fails, take out your phone and record yourself doing this exercise over again until it becomes second nature—then upload the video onto YouTube! This will help build confidence while also giving your audience something interesting they can watch while waiting for their own elevator ride down in Hell’s Kitchen.”

Your elevator pitch is one of the most important tools in your job search.

Your elevator pitch is one of the most important tools in your job search.

It’s a short speech that introduces you to a potential employer. It can be used to show off your skills and personality, as well as what you love about your career path. The best elevator pitches also show enthusiasm for what you do, which helps make them memorable (and hopefully leads to more opportunities).


Your elevator pitch needs to be a short, simple, and memorable summary of who you are, what you do, and why people should hire you. Your elevator pitch should also include some concrete examples of your work in order to make it more interesting for potential employers. Remember that the main objective here is not just selling yourself but rather demonstrating how well suited you are for a particular job by highlighting your skillset.

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