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Are you in contact with your teacher?

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I’m an active Facebook user. At least I have a page with about 600 followers and I am proud of it. Recently my high school teacher inboxed me and unboxed something I rarely thought would amusing. I posted something that happened to me the previous night. I ate a whole loaf of bread. Alone. And I posted it online wondering how a whole loaf is so small that I ate it all. Alone.

My girlfriend went to visit her parents. She had been away during the pandemic and I suppose her mother missed her. She called every single day asking her when she is coming home. After the days errants I went home and it was a bit late to get food. All food kiosks were shutting down and I resolved to buy a loaf just in case I didn’t find something else to eat. Living alone is tough. I have to make all the decision about what to eat when to eat, wash the dishes and also go out a look for money. At least she helped with bigger chink of these decisions. That’s how I ended up eating a loaf of bread. Anyway, thats not the point.

My high school English teacher said, ” you got some great humour!”

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I quickly went back to the post to double check. I thought some that the teacher feels is humour should have been really amusing or funny for that matter. See, she never told me that before. I wrote many essays in high school and she marked all them. She never said I got any humour, although she was fond of me then. I knew it. She would asked questions and encouraged me to answer and she thought I knew the answer. I never raised my hand to answer or ask a question. Even in college. I just asked without being given that chance to ask.

Amongst all my friends, the ones I have now, none of them are in contact with their teachers. I am in contact with at least 2. One of them wanted me to be a teacher. He insisted I do education, and he was really specific about me taking mathematics or physics. I don’t know why but I feel I should have listen to him. At least I would be on payroll when while schools are closed due to the pandemic. Now I am self employed, things are tough and i want to be employed. I can’t find work. So I have to continue doing what I do, whose income cant even sustain 1 person.

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