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4 mental process that helps you remember things


There are four mental processes that help consumers remember. These are repetition, dual coding, meaningful encoding and chunking.


Repetition occurs when information in consumers mind repeated overtime whereas

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Dual Coding

dual coding involves customers using two of their senses such as touch and smell to remember things.

Meaningful Encoding

Meaningful encoding happens where something to be bought is related to what has been in their mind for a long period of time,


and lastly chunking; consumers remember bit by bit of a particular product, for example, the colour of the product, the physical state of the product etc.

Dual encoding may not be very useful for studies, but it is useful for other activities such as shopping.

The other mental processes chunking, meaningful encoding and repetition are very useful for studies as they help remember nonphysical things like what was learnt in class.

Repeated studying of a concept after learning in class helps a student remember a concept in an exam setting.

Equally, while shopping, the consumer is likely to buy what he/she is used to buying repeatedly. Chunking and meaningful encoding are also useful for students and shoppers as well.

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